How to Pick Up a Girl When She Hangs Out with Her Friends

How to Pick Up a Girl When She Hangs Out with Her Friends

A huge bank vault is less guarded than a girl who is surrounded by her friends. Anyway, it’s much easier to approach a girl sitting alone at a bar than one who is hanging out with her friends. Firstly, it’s much harder to attract only her attention. Secondly, if she refuses you, it will more painful. However, you cannot succumb to fear. In the end, you can reverse the obstacle to your advantage. If you want to please all girls, then you should act. There are a few useful tips that will come in handy.

How to Pick Up a Girl When She Hangs Out with Her Friends

Assess the situation.

Regardless of how confident you are, there are objective factors, which should be considered if the girl is not alone. Size up a situation, especially her company. Is it a window of opportunity to pick up a girl? Do they look more focused on each other or, conversely, they are open to communication? Pay attention to the fact whether they are with boyfriends or not. Some companies are really closed for outsiders, and in this case, your inaction will be completely justified.

Read the signs.

If you understand that there is no obvious reason to stay indifferent, then your next step should be a non-verbal flirtation with a girl. Make an eye contact and smile. Her response should be a signal for you. It will be perfect if she smiles in return, shyly lowers her eyes or fixes her hair. Her thrilled gaze and whispering with the friends can also be considered a good sign. When her body language says that she is interested in you too, then this is the right signal for the next step.

Communicate with the whole company.

The first thing that comes to mind is to come to the object of your sympathy and talk to her. However, this approach may not be very accurate. If the girl is surrounded by her friends, then you must approach the whole company, not just her. If you focus only on the girl, the rest of the group can take a defensive or even aggressive position, and they will decide to chase away a stranger from their territory. On the other hand, if you win the sympathy of her surroundings, then, perhaps, you will meet allies. Having found a common language with other guys and girls, you will feel more relaxed.

Turn on your charm to the full.

Be positive and friendly. Meeting her friends, you must create a relaxed atmosphere to make everyone feel comfortable. Approach the situation with confidence and some creativity. Just do not overdo it. You shouldn’t juggle with bar glasses. Draw their attention in a positive way. If you can make their pastime more interesting, then your chances of success will increase significantly.

Weaken their protection.

There is a conditional leader in every company even if its participants don’t understand that. And if this unspoken leader doesn’t like you, then this person can spoil all your made efforts. Therefore, your task is not only to understand who runs the show, but also to convince this person that you can be trusted. The same applies to the situation when there are guys in the girl’s company. They will, most likely, play knights and try to protect their friend. Therefore, you must remain calm: be cool, but not aggressive. Convince them that she will be safe with you.

Leave with her.

It doesn’t matter how interesting a new company is, do not forget about the purpose of your implementation. During the conversation gradually shift the focus and start attracting her attention. As soon as a suitable opportunity appears, leave the company with her. If you do not “appease” the girl’s friends, they can prevent you from picking their friend up. However, if they like you, they will give a silent blessing, leaving you two alone. Now, it’s time for your full meeting.