7 Work Outfit Tips to Improve Your Corporate Dressing Style

7 Work Outfit Tips to Improve Your Corporate Dressing Style

Dressing to office is like crossing a piece of land that has many landmines; you have to watch where you place your foot or else it can all explode right on your face. What we mean is that you can go ultra-conservative and find that you come across as too staid and boring and dressing too casual will make you look as if you don’t care enough. Which is why you need work outfit tips to look good but not look as if you are out for a party or on the way to becoming a beach bum. We all believe that there are office approved outfits for every figure but you still need to keep tweaking it to look good at all times. We all know that not all of us would be comfortable with gorgeous skirt work outfits for office women but we can always borrow a few useful tips from how they are styled to make yourself look smarter.

Whether we like it or not, most of the office going women spend something like 45 to 50 hours of their average of 112 waking hours in office. Which means they have to feel good, looks smart and be comfortable when going to office. That is why they have to concentrate on every aspect of their appearance while getting ready for office. It would therefore make sense for them to know about quick hairstyle tutorials for office women, which would definitely come under the purview of work outfit tips.

Work Outfit Tips to Improve Your Corporate Dressing Style

Match pout with shoes: A simple way to make your office outfit come to life is by matching the color of your lips (lipstick or gloss) with the color of the shoes you wear along with your office suit. This will make the whole outfit pop up and come alive with color.

Go professional with pinstripes: Pinstripes are not only considered official and smart looking, they also lengthen your frame. Wearing pinstripes will make you look professional and also has a slimming effect.

Make a statement with the outerwear: A nice coat that is a bit different and makes a statement will inject life into your basic office outfit of sober colored skirts or pants with lighter colored tops.

Swap blazer with biker jacket: Sometimes it is good to step out from your comfort zone and go for something adventurous. That is why we are suggesting that you go all out and substitute your conservative blazer with a cool and trendy biker jacket.

Keep away from basic black once in a while: Make a resolution to stay away from black when you get dressed for office at least one or two days a week. Try something simple and floral if you feel really adventurous.

Bag can perk up the look: Sometimes adding zing to your work outfit can be as simple as carrying a lovely bag that stands out, to your office. Do ensure that your bag while unique is in keeping with official use standards for formal wear.

Make your suit feminine with a lace camisole: Instead of combining your skirt suit or pantsuit with a somber shirt or blouse, add a camisole with a bit of lace peeking out at the neckline. But do ensure that you do not go deep in terms of the cleavage or else it will not be office appropriate.

We are sure that you will really enjoy the tips we have given here for tips for work outfits. Do tell us if you have something to add to these tips. We would love to hear from you.