Aren’t You Wearing that Old White Dress this Summer? (40 Suggestions to make it count)

Aren’t You Wearing that Old White Dress this Summer? (40 Suggestions to make it count)

There is something so appealing in a very pristine way about white that seems to come through in a way that catches you unawares. But surely you would have figured out that white has an appeal that really counts from the fact it is worn by brides on the day of their wedding. It is not only due to the fact that white is cool, clean, and signifies purity but also because it has a subtle appeal that is sexy and serene all at the same time. What we want to ask you is aren’t you wearing that old white dress this summer? After all, summer is the time you need to look neat and cool to beat the intense heat and humidity that is part of the weather. While there is a time and place to wear sober and sexy white pants along with striped shirt but that is not what we are talking about here.

Aren’t You Wearing That Old White Dress This Summer?

Which is why, this summer, you need to learn different ways to wear white so that you not only appear like a fresh cold scoop of vanilla icecream in the sweltering heat, you need to do it while looking sexy. While you are still thinking aren’t you wearing that old white dress this summer, we draw your attention to gorgeous lace white dresses for every girl. There are some suggestions here about how you can work that old white dress to look its best and the many alternatives you have around the kind of white dress that you will wear.

Lace it: We are starting with the assumption that you live in a place where the weather is going to become really hot and humid and if you live in such a place, we suggest that you stick to cotton. If not cotton, then go for linen though we have to warn you that this fabric while cool also has the tendency to crinkle. But what we are going to point out here is that any old dress will get a facelift with the use of lace to make it pretty but still keep it light.

Eyelet it: Eyelets are a simple form of cutting holes in a dress and sewing the edges shut to form a design all its own. Even as we are describing this, we realize that you will have a better chance of understanding this when you look at the design or rather reading about it. The eyelet design also adds to the coolness and comfort of the dress.

Make it long: Some of us have the kind of skin that tends to burn when exposed to the sunlight and to ensure that this does not happen, you can wear a light white dress that is long enough to cover your limbs. The long white dress can be a blessing during the summer months where you are more concerned about staying cool than anything else.

Short is also good: Just because we are talking about long white dresses does not mean that you cannot show off your awesome tan in a short dress. If you and your skin can take it, then by all means the short white dress is the way to go.

Flow or fitted: Yes, the fit of the white dress can also differ with the curvier women wanting to go with a fitted cut to show off their curves and slimmer women may go for the flowing cuts to add curves on to their slim bodies. The choices and pattern possibilities are endless.

Expose or covered: If you are the modest types, then it is best to go for a white dress with long sleeves and a high neckline. And if you are the kind who is more comfortable with a lower neckline and shorter sleeves or no sleeves at all, this is also possible.