Important Fashion Tips For A Small Bust (Tried It)

Important Fashion Tips For A Small Bust (Tried It)

The grass is greener on the other side and this is true when it comes to women and their bust size. For women who are heavily endowed, their bigger size is often a pain in the back and that too literally, and they are often heard to bemoan the fact that the heavy bustline spoils the silhouette of a dress. Women with smaller busts can be bolder in their dressing without fearing that they look too sleazy, or at least this is what women with heavier busts feel. On the other hand, women who have a small bust feel that they don’t look sexy or feminine enough. They feel that they can never pull off the heart-stopping cleavage look that their sisters with bigger busts can. We can go on about points for and against on this topic but we are not going to do that but provide you fashion tips for a small bust. And you also have to realize that a smaller bust means getting to wear those awesome and appealing open back dresses.

You will also bless the fact that you can wear those simple and snug singlet dresses that pack a big punch because you have a smaller bust without too much concern or fidgeting. You have to understand that we are not advocating for one or the other but giving you pointers to help you if you need fashion tips for a small bust. Which is why we also have outfit ideas for women with a big bust.

Fashion Tips For A Small Bust

Wear high necklines: When you do not have a big bust, wearing a plunging neckline can only draw attention to the lack of curves in that area. But going for a higher neckline will make your breasts look bigger and add to your curves. It will also make people look at your face instead.

Don’t ignore the v neck completely: With the right support undergarments, you can showcase your trim breasts in a deep v without fear of them popping out as a person with bigger breasts have to. The only caveat here is that you should not wear such clothes with complete confidence and not fidget or else it spoils the look.

Go for lots of details and embellishments: Embellishments on the top of the neck can make your bust look bigger than it is or at least make their outline vague, which will be a good way to go if you are not generously endowed. It also helps that ruffles and other embellishments make the blouse or top look prettier.

Flowy is good: Many women with bigger breasts bemoan the fact that they cannot afford to wear loose and flowy clothing as it makes them look bulkier and spoil their whole silhouette. But women with a smaller bust can easily wear this and look really good in it. In fact, women with smaller bustlines should stay away from clothing that is fitted on the top as it tends to emphasize their lack of curves there.

Be careful in picking out the right undergarments: Just because you feel your breasts are small, it is no reason that you should not focus on the fitting of your bra. The fact is, the right bra can make all the difference with the ways your clothing fits and make you look more attractive.

We are sure that you will have some more tips of your own to deal with the small bust situation like wearing sleeveless tops to make your breasts look bigger or adding layers to create the same effect and so on. If you do, please do share your tips with us.