What Is My Hair Type? The Only Tutorial You Need

What Is My Hair Type? The Only Tutorial You Need

Yes we know, we know that hair falls broadly into three categories—straight, curly, and wavy. But then those of us with hair woes know that there is more to hair than just three textures and this has an effect on the way you care for it and even style it. In fact, it has all to do with long and short autumn hairstyles for women so that you don’t take the wrong decision. Of course, even when you know your hair type, you may still have problem days when time saving ponytail hairstyles for working women will help you in looking smart. But in this article we are asking what is my hair type and giving you the only tutorial you need to find out more.

In any case, you need to know cheap ways to make your hair grow out so that no matter if you know what is my hair type, at least you have taken steps to make it grow.

What Is My Hair Type? The Only Tutorial You Need

We will start with straight hair, which we have divided into three categories and for the sake of keeping things on track we will name it type 1a, 1b, and 1c.

Straight Hair:

1a: This type of straight hair is baby fine and super straight. This kind of hair cannot hold a curl at all and has the tendency to become oily and lank. To avoid it becoming too limp, you can use drying shampoo.

1b: This kind of hair tends to be thicker showing a lot more volume and also ends with a slight curl at the tips. You can add more volume to this kind of hair or style it with a flat iron, if you want to play around with styles.

1c: This hair is mostly straight but tends to surprise you a bit with a waves making their way once in a while. This tends to be very thick and has a tendency to frizz. But you can get it to set in curls when you style it right.

Wavy hair:

2a: This type of hair tends to have the appearance of a classic bedhead and with the occasional twist in each strand of hair. We feel that girls with this kind hair instead of straightening, can go for airdrying and curl the ends with a curling iron.

2b: This kind of hair is considered a blessing to have and while a lucky few come by this naturally, there are many who use a salt spray to get these relaxed waves. The best way to work this kind of hair is by styling it with mousse and diffuser and once you get it right, leave it alone.

2c: This type of hair has waves but also has an occasional curl or two thrown in. You can make your hair look awesome with a bit of light styling and plenty of moisture. It is a good way to make the most of your big hair, because it is going to be big.

Curly hair:

3a: In this category of hair, the diameter of the curl is relatively big and also may be mixed in with a few waves. You can use the scrunch method to style your hair and apply any product you need to slightly damp hair. While this hair is relatively easy to straighten, it can also be damaged by exposure to excess heat.

3b: This kind of hair tends to grow in spirals and tends to hang to the shoulders rather than springing out from the roots. You can use the kind of conditioners you leave on or light gels or both mixed together to ensure you have smooth curls that are not greasy.

3c: These are the curls that have the tendency to frizz a lot and also fall under the thickest category. These curls tend to take on a corkscrew appearance and can vary in diameter from small marker to a pencil. Use a cleansing conditioner and cut flyaways to maintain a nice shiny look.