Ways To Avoid Visible Panty Lines: Guide

Ways To Avoid Visible Panty Lines: Guide

Just imagine this—you are wearing the tight dress of your dreams, you know the one which makes you look and feel like a million dollars? But when you twist and turn this way and that to view yourself from all angles, you see that the dress has ugly panty lines that seem to tell the world about the kind underwear you have on. Who wants that? In this article, we will look at ways to avoid visible panty lines. Ensuring that panty lines do not show should definitely be a part of the list of common fashion mistakes that a woman should avoid. It would also help if you know the difference between tights, stockings, and leggings so that you can wear the right support garment underneath.

The thing is ways to avoid visible panty lines is something that you should know even if you are not the kind of person who does not wear clothing that is too fitting or too tight because you never know when the knowledge may come in handy. Which would come in useful when decide to wear delightful bandage dresses to have others gasp with awe. We offer you some hints in this regard that you can try without actually going commando.

Ways To Avoid Visible Panty Lines

Seamless panties: These are light and fitting panties that do not have those unsightly seams to show through. They are light and help you keep away those lines away.

Use prints: One of the other ways to ensure that your panty seams do not show through is by going for the skirt area that has busy prints so that these lines do not show up. But do ensure that you check if this really works before setting out.

Wear thongs: The G string or thong is another way to wear underwear without the lines showing up on the dress. They can be a tad uncomfortable especially if you are not used to wearing them but you will find that this little bit of discomfort is worth your while.

Ensure colors match: If the bottoms that you are wearing is white or of transparent material, then wear panties that are as close to your skin color as possible so that it does not show through.

Go with thick fabric: If you are going to wear a tight dress, then it makes sense to go with fabric that is thicker and will not show the outline of your underwear. This is a good way to ensure no lines are visible.

Slip it on: A tight slip under your dress can be a good way to ensure that panty outlines do not show through. There are many body shapers that can do the job.

Layering it up: Another way to make the panty line go off is to add layers to do your outfit though this may be defeat the purpose of wearing a fitted dress.

Tight shorts: In case you feel insecure about going commando or wearing a thong, then wear underwear that is shaped like a tight pair of shorts shaped to cling on but without forming those lines that happen with panties.

Get the right size: Ensure that when you pick out a pair of panties, that they fit well which means that they should neither be too tight or too loose. This will help you avoid those lines showing through.

Do think: If you find that you are not the type to wear a dress that is too tight and risk having your panty lines showing through, then do think twice before you buy the dress.