Simple And So Useful Stretch Knit Dresses

Simple And So Useful Stretch Knit Dresses

Have you ever wished that you had a magical dress in your wardrobe that you could simply slip on knowing that it will look good on you? Not only that, it would transform from being office appropriate to being party wear with a few additions and tweaks? Well, do you think that it is too much to expect from one mere dress? That maybe so, but what if we told you that we have a suggestion that could work as long as you work the dress in a smart way? We are sure that you will be delighted and that is why this article is going to be about stretch knit dresses. Like stretch pants an important fashion secret is revealed, which will make you feel good. Why do you think the stretch knit dress will fit this criteria? Because it is a stretch material and that too knit, which means it is going to look good. Add to this some smart choices like the right color that will flatter you coloring. Also add a nice pattern that works on your body type.







Then once you find a dress like this, you need to invest in the right accessories like jackets, jewelry, and other things to make this dress work in many situations. That is why we feel that you should know the difference between tights, stockings and leggings so that you can use the right one with the stretch knit dress. As you may be aware depending on the situation, the length and the occasion of the dress, you can use stockings or tights in this case and not leggings. Of course if you are really creative and the weather is really cold outside and the dress is really short, you could go with leggings and that too ones made of wool so that you are really snug.







However, for such knit dresses to work in a formal or official occasion, you have to ensure that the jacket that you wear with it is really official. This is because the stretch knit dress as the name suggests, is going to be stretchy and clingy, which can make it not so appropriate for office use. Though it can be considered one among the natural looking knitwear outfit ideas for women, you will need to ensure that you chose a style that flatters your body. For instance, a gentle drape and flare of the dress will come in handy when you are considering a generously curved body. Women with petite frames can go for a high neck and a snug fit.







If the you have a wide and deep neckline, then the jacket will come in handy for office use and afterwards, all you need to do is add a necklace or a colorful scarf and some long earrings to make it look like party wear. One of the best features that a stretch knit dress is that it is going to not feel tight as it has that soft stretchy quality. What it means is that you can wear this dress even on days where you feel a bit bloated without feeling uncomfortable at all.







Do make sure that you pick out a color and pattern that is flattering on your frame. For instances, vertical stripes make you look taller and thinner and small floral patterns will make you look smaller. It is the way the eyes move on the dress that will flatter you or make it look otherwise. But when you think about it, you will realize that all the general rules of proper selection of patterns and designs will help you look good in this dress too.