20 Men Fashion Laws Which Will Change Your Personality

20 Men Fashion Laws Which Will Change Your Personality

Okay, here is the deal; men are visual beings but have no idea about subtleties and women are both visual and into details but when it comes to judging their own gender for fashion, there is an element of envy in it. Men are that way simple and tend to be more open when it comes to admiring the sartorial style of their fellow men but unfortunately have no idea of what is good and what is not. However, before we get into the minutia of men versus women and the way they see fashion. Luckily fashions for men do not change that frequently nor is it as complicated as it is for women. Even then if a man wants to look good, then there are some men fashion laws which will change your personality that you are better off knowing about. It is always a good bet to know about casual outfits for men over 40 or for that matter of any age.

While we are on the subject of men fashion laws which will change your personality, we recommend that you also look at suit colors for a classy gentleman. The fact is that if you are a man who wants to look your best, then we also suggest that you should look the most common fashion mistakes that men make to get it right at all times. Though you may not realize it, you will be appreciated for the care you take it dressing even if it is not as elaborate or detailed as women’s fashions.

20 Men Fashion Laws Which Will Change Your Personality

Do not tuck your t-shirt into your pants as it can make you look weird

Get rid of t-shirts with writing on them unless they are super cool

Avoid getting initials sewed into your clothing like suits, shirts, ties, etc.

Avoid wearing suits with wide pinstripes unless you are part of the mafia

Do not ever wear plaid suits no matter how cool you think you look in them

Do not tuck your phone into your belt

Ensure that your wallet does not make an unseemly bulge in your pockets; instead use a money clip

Do not wear sunglasses when you are indoors

Never wear socks with sandals as it can make you look like a dork

Avoid wearing white socks with formal shoes

Try to avoid wearing sneakers anywhere else but the gym

Wearing your pants so low that your boxers show is a strict no and nobody else will like that look on you

Stop using axe deodorant because it makes you look desperate

Ensure that your collar stays in place by using the stays that comes with your shirt

Make it a point to iron your shirt so that you don’t look as if you have thrown clothing right from the drier

Match the shoes you wear with the color of your belt especially with formal wear

Do not wear two pieces of clothing of the same color even if they are slightly different shades

Figure out which shape of glasses suit the shape of your face with the help of a stylist and get it right

Get rid of the uni brow and keep your neck free of hair

Make it a point to consult a professional hair stylist to find out which hairstyle suits your face and stick to this style.

When you read the fashion laws above, you will realize that you may have been guilty of getting these wrong at one point of your life or another. But never mind what you did in the past, it is time to get your fashion quotient right by following these laws.