10-12 Dressing Hacks Everyone Should Know (With Pictures)

10-12 Dressing Hacks Everyone Should Know (With Pictures)

What if we told that there are 10-12 dressing hacks everyone should know are known to you? It is true, there are some hacks that the smartly dressed ones seem to have gleaned and then made it seem as if looking smart comes to them naturally. But don’t worry, we will tell you some dressing hacks that will help you look and feel smarter. It is a known fact that fashion tricks and hacks that will make your life easier can come from experience and years of practice but who has time for all that? And why wait for wisdom to come to you after a long time going through various options, when you can get them right here?

We also wish that somebody thought to include special hacks every girl must know in our textbooks so that we can make the awkward years much better. Like for instance, men could do with hacks to grow your beard faster, but we also ensure that you these dressing hacks everyone should know about are also going to make your life easier and help you look presentable at all times if you apply them right.

10-12 Dressing Hacks Everyone Should Know

The right way to fold your sleeves: Folding sleeves is a stylish and effective way to protect the shirt and keep it clean. But instead of randomly rolling it up, fold back carefully with the wrist part and fold back the same way to reach above the elbow.

How to tuck your shirt just right: Sometimes not tucking the shirt in properly can create a clumsy look. The best way to tuck well is to button the shirt, smooth it, zip your pants and then smooth all around before buttoning the pants for that neat look.

Learn to de-pill your clothing with a razor: When clothing has those clumsy knots, it can make it look really old and almost untidy. You can either use a razor or a piece of tape to de-pill the clothing.

Folding and organizing your clothes right: Instead of piling the clothing one on top of the other, try to fold them in half before rolling them and storing them like files in a drawer. This way more clothes fit in a limited space and wrinkle less.

Keyring to hold zip tab up: Add a small keyring on to the hole in your zip and hook it around the button. This will prevent the zip tab from sliding down if the jeans are a little too tight fitting.

Newspaper in shoes to smell good and shape well: Sometimes shoes can stink and lose their shape if left stored just like that. A good way to remove the stink and help them hold their shape is by tucking in newspapers inside.

Stretch shrunken clothing back to normal: A good way to stretch shrunken clothing back to normal is by soaking it for a while hot water and hair conditioner and then stretching back to normal size.

Match your tie right: When it comes to matching ties, it is not just about the color of the tie but the size of the pattern that defines whether it looks good or not. Once you realize this, you will be able to experiment a lot with the kind of combinations you wear.

Use cold water bags to stretch your shoes to fit right: If you have a favorite shoe that you bought even if it is a tad too tight to be worn comfortably for long, then do not despair. Just fill a bag with water, tuck it in the shoes and put them in the fridge and this will cause the shoes to expand and fit better.

Spray water and shake a garment to remove wrinkles: When you do not have time to iron your clothing, you can spray it with water and shake it out to remove the wrinkles as a hack to save time and effort.