7 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter

7 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter

If your lips pack a powerful punch with all their luscious and sexy pout, it is your eyes that hook the onlooker and reel them in. That is why, when they are talking about a woman putting on makeup, they ask her to go heavy on one and light on the other. for instance, if a woman is going to go for a heavily made up look for her eyes, then it is better to light on the lips and vice versa. And while we feel that anybody with honest and clear eyes have their own value, we feel that you can go to the next level to make them look bigger and brighter. Of course, once you do get around the tips to make your eyes look brighter, you can look at best eyeshadow colors for dark skin or for fair skin or the ones matching your skin tone.

And the color of your eyes also needs to be factored in and you can for instance, check out the best makeup tips for blue eyes if that is the color of your eyes. While you are at it, you can also check out different types of eyebrow shapes.

7 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter

Ensure that your eyes are not puffed: The right way to do this is to give up stress, sleep well and have healthy habits. But this may not always be possible but a nice hack to make this happen, is to use ice to bring the puffiness down. This will ensure that your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Shape your brows: The brows are the frame for your eyes and you need to ensure that you keep your brows in shape so that they can frame your eyes well and make them appear bigger and brighter than ever.

Conceal your dark circles: Sometimes stress, tiredness or lack of sleep can make your eyes have dark circles under them. To accentuate your eyes well, you need to use brightening concealor under your eyes. This way your dark circles will be covered and your eyes will be in focus.

Tight line to your upper lash line: Though this is not an easy place to apply makeup on, it needs to be done. Use a sharp line or brush to apply liner to the upper lash line to make your eyelashes look better. It will also help you brighten your liner.

Nude liner: Adding a nice nude liner to the lower lash line can make the eyes look bigger. The idea is to use nuder shades to make the area look bigger and the darker shades for a slimming effect. Doing this will brighten the area and open up your eyes.

Curl the lashes: The idea is that lashes that are straight can cast a shadow on your eye area and this can be prevented by curling your lashes. Curl your lashes can make your eyes look bigger. And you have to admit that curled lashes have a cute appeal all their own.

Define the brow line: A medium colored brown eye shadow is a nice way to add to the crease of your brow line. Ensure that you use a fluffy brush and apply on the area over your eyes from the middle to the corners.

We have given you some tips to make your eyes look bigger and brighter but we also feel that you need to smile more, be happy and get plenty of rest to make your eyes look their most appealing. Don’t you agree?