Facial Hair Trending These Days

Facial Hair Trending These Days

Facial hair has remained both the traditional trends as well as fashion trends for quite a long time but every year has its own contributions in the styles and trends following the facial fuzz. While there are guys who keep their beards charmingly rough, there are still a number of men who would prefer well-trimmed beards or cool goatee styles . There are always significant numbers of ways in which men can groom that Bandholz beard or simply a few days stubble.

If you are really into growing a perfect beard then Bandholz is the ultimate answer for you since it gives you the genuine satisfaction which can only be obtained as a result of some actual hard work. Also, an oval, triangular or diamond face cut is considered to be the best by beard experts when it comes to growing a Bandholz beard but it is going to consume nearly six months to grow an original Bandholz beard.

There are a few styles for the ones who just want to style their scruffy beards which would require the artistic efforts made by your stylist. Such styles are meant to highlight ones facial dimension and symmetry as well. To highlight a squared face cut, you have to give more effort around the chin while keeping the sides simple like a mustache which is styled by a strip across the chin and a beard covering the chin, giving it a longer illusion.

  Guys with slightly circular face cuts want to use their beard to create a longer face illusion by a detached mustache with some scruffy hair on the chin or a sharply trimmed beard along with a detached mustache. An oval face can play its charm with nearly any beard style, from a 3-day stubble to a horseshoe mustache. Rectangular faces are meant to carry the most glamorous and dramatic beards like a gun-slinger one or the perfect chin strap anchoring your jawline.

Robert Downey’s Balbo is another favorite look trending much these days, however, such a beard requires nearly 4 full-week growth of fuzz for the perfect style. The beard styles a thin chin by forming a W-shaped beard. Circular beards are quite eminent among young guys who find it a bit easier to carry a simple beard around their chin.

Tapered beards and fade are also trending much considering the sharp geometry and perfectly faded dimensions. 

It is not just a snapchat filter instead a carved beard with a bald head is actually a trend nowadays rather people are also preferring beard styles without a mustache . Also, the side low fades with a full-beard are strongly admired by the beard lovers due to the hard and charming look the fades give to one’s facial dimensions. Well, if you really want the hair on the head and ones on the face look thicker then temple fade is the option you can totally rock if you love fuller beards.

Most of the styles discussed above can simply be achieved through an electric trimmer and a simple razor as in the ones which involve a scruffy fuzz while the ones which require a more fuller beard are going to ask for some extra effort as in beard thickening oils, full-of-vitamins diet, scissors, and combs etc.