7 Life Changing Tips For Short Men

7 Life Changing Tips For Short Men

Well, if you are reading this article, you are either a short man or somebody who knows a shorter man and want to help him. The thing is there are some aspects (in the physical sense) that we cannot help but that does not mean that we cannot work around these factors and look good. Which is why, this article is going to be dedicated to life changing tips for short men. These are simple enough tips that will help you look slightly taller and feel more confident than ever. We are sure that you have figured out some of them yourself but have not known how they work and others may be new to you but we are sure that they will help and you will thank us for life changing tips for short men. This way, whether it is business outfits for men or the more casual wear, you have it completely sorted.

While you are on your quest to look good even if you are slightly challenged height wise, we suggest that you pay close attention to everything. Take for instance, suit colors for a classy gentleman that will help you present a stylish front to everyone, you will find that these do come in handy. While you are at it, we also suggest that you check out winsome Korean hairstyles for men and use them along with life changing tips for short men.

7 Life Changing Tips For Short Men


Go monochrome: One of the ways to make your silhouette look taller than it is, is by taking away the clutter from the clothing you wear and going for neater clothing. We suggest that you wear different shades of the same color with the darker shades on the bottom part of your body to make your body look taller than you are. A darker pant with lighter shirt can make you look taller and a dark shirt with lighter colored pants can make you look shorter.

Go for vertical patterns: You may have heard that vertical stripes are slimming, but did you also know that they can make you look taller than you are? Yes, it is true as vertical stripes can draw the eye along the length of your body making you look taller than you are.

Wear clothing that fits well: This may seem like the obvious thing to do but we are bringing this point up here because if you are short and wearing clothing that is too large, it is likely to draw the attention to your lack of height. While we are on this subject, we would also like to caution you that tight clothing is not an option but we suggest that you stick to clothing that fits just right.

Go for smaller proportions in your clothing: If you are buying clothing off the rack, do ensure that the proportions of the outfit you are buying is in keeping with your body. For instance, the little bit of shirt sleeve that shows underneath your jacket needs to be lesser than half an inch while a man who is taller need not bother about this. The necktie as well as other details need to be kept in proportion so that you look taller than you are.

Ensure that anything that grabs the eye is up on the body: One of the tricks that will help you deal with being challenged height wise, is to add all the details that grab attention on the upper side of your body. But don’t go overboard with this because it is easy to overdo this and get it absolutely wrong.

Choose clothing with care: When you read this part, you must be wondering what all the rest of the article was all about. But what we are getting to here are the kind of small details like a jacket that makes your shoulders look broader or a trouser with a high waist to add length your legs among other things.

Add height physically: You can actually invest in shoes or footwear that has in built heels or external heels to add a bit of height. But do make sure that you can walk well with this and that this does not make you look to awkward before going for something like this.

Last of all, we would ask you to enjoy the way you look and walk tall and confidently no matter what your height is.