7 Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

7 Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

If you are a curvy woman, then it is likely that you have heard all the information and advice that a curvy woman tends to get. This is because most of the times people assume that a curvy woman is not aware of the way she looks and that whatever advice that we give her is for her own good. However, we are not going to go through the usual route and talk about diet and exercise but about making the most of your curves. Yes, we are going to be calling them curves and not bulges and so should you and these fashion tips for curvy women will make you smile. Because curvy women tend to be a bit harsh on themselves they become conscious while shopping, we also would like to tell you a few things all curvy ladies should remember while shopping for clothing. This way you can be right on track for curvy girl fashion and find the right plus size outfits.

The first thing that curvy women ought to do is wish that they would fade away into the background and stick to colors like beige and black. Which is why we feel that more than anyone else, there should be fashion tips for curvy women. Instead you should be looking more at trendy and obsessive geometric print outfits to confuse the eye and make you look good.

7 Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

Stop hiding the tummy: Most of the times, curvy women can be obsessive about camouflaging their belly and this results in loose clothing that is most unflattering. What is more, it is not as if they are very successful in hiding their belly in the first place. Which is why we say go ahead and stop worrying about hiding your tummy.

Lay the foundation well with undergarments: Whether you are skinny or curvy, it is always important to wear the right undergarments so that you feel comfortable and look really nice. This means that you need to invest in the right undergarments.

Good basics are a must: Make it a point to invest in tights, slips, tees and leggings that you can wear with many dresses so that you always have the basics right. Make sure that the fabrics used are flattering and comfortable.

Try different shapes and sizes: Do not assume that you know everything there is to know about dressing because not only should you try on the sizes that fit you but also try different shapes. You never know which cut or shape may turn out to be flattering on you.

Don’t go generic; find out what works on your shape: Even if you are a woman who is curvy, your body shape needs to be ascertained in order to dress well. Make sure you look at what category you fall under to dress appropriately.

Crop tops can be very flattering: While this may come as a big shock to you, crop tops have the tendency to be very flattering on curvy woman and making them look as if they have an hourglass figure. Plus you will feel super confident wearing one.

High boots will boost your confidence: High boots either up to our knees or your thighs are sexy, look good and can boost your confidence. Just try them on and tell us how you feel.

Hug the curves: Embrace the fact that you are curvy and fall in love with yourself. As trite as it may sound, this will make you look good and feel good too.

Go easy on accessorizing: You need not always go for over the top with accessories to look good but you can even play around with prints and achieve similar effects.

Know fabrics well: Some fabrics are flattering on your silhouette and others not so much and you have to be cognizant of this while picking out your clothing accordingly.

Fitting and tailoring is important: Not everything off the rack will be flattering on you and it is important that you get this fitted either with a bit of sewing yourself or with the help of a tailor to ensure that it fits well.

Wide belts can be flattering: You can also use a wide belt to create a smart look and make your body look shapelier.

Go for fit and flare dresses: One of the nicest and most flattering outfits that you can wear is a fit and flare dress to add a voluptuous look to your personality.

Wear what feels great: The last piece of advice that we want to give you is that life is short and that you should wear what feels good. Stop caring about what others say or feel and go with what feels good to you.