10 New Hair Color Trends For 2017

10 New Hair Color Trends For 2017

The color of your hair is something that you are born with and we reckon it is a good choice considering that mother nature has made it in consultation with your genes. But the thing is that we all need a change in the way we look once in a while because it is a simple way to lift your mood and change the way you feel about the way you look. Yes, changing the way you feel about the way you look is even more important that changing the way you look. We think that is why there are so many tips and hints on what works for different colors like the classic hair color ideas for brunettes. The more you think about, the more you will realize that it is good to know about new hair color trends for 2017 so that you can with the fashion flow when it comes to changing your hair color.

While we are on the subject of new hair color trends for 2017, we also suggest that you learn how often you can color your hair and find out to have gorgeous hair at all times. Once you have the hair color trends sorted then you can go for any hairstyle that will look good on you like lovely spring hairstyles which work on every outfit.

10 New Hair Color Trends For 2017

Aubrown: This, as you may have guessed is a mix of brown and auburn that will have you chiding yourself for not thinking of earlier. This is rich, glossy and luxurious.

The cinnamon fade: Takes on the rich shades of red but it warms up old highlights while keeping an earthy reddish gloss that looks really good.

Lesser aubrown: It is awesome but is a little less extreme and works for those who have dark hair and have less time to spend on maintaining the color.

Buttery blond: This one has accents of butteriness to warm up the blond hair while still remaining as natural as possible.

Soft and brassy: This takes gold and gives you a touch of bronze that somehow results in an even more intense shade of gold if that is possible.

Brown and golden: This has made the showing up of the roots when hair grows out even more natural and actually adds some brown to the base and makes it look so good.

Toffee: This is a mix of brown, gold, caramel and warm touches to look really good while still remaining almost natural looking.

Brunette, auburn with gold tips: It start with lighter brown accents that goes on to become auburn and ends with golden tips.

Buttery toffee: This one is a rich and dark toffee with a touch or two of glossy buttery color here and there to break up the monotony.

Blorange: Cannot decide between blonde and red hair? Simple, just mix both subtly and  get ready to rock the hair color world.

We have said this earlier, and we feel that it is worth reiterating. It is that coloring your hair comes with a certain amount of responsibility. This means not only should you be more cautious about the products and treatments that you put your hair through but also maintain the colored look well. Another useful factor to keep in mind is always going for quality products and protecting your hair from overexposure to extreme heat. Only if you are ready to commit to this kind of hair maintenance and conditioning should go for coloring your hairs. But we are sure you know all this and are really excited to try some of these new coloring trends. Do let us know how it worked out.