What Causes Ridges In Fingernails? How To Treat It

What Causes Ridges In Fingernails? How To Treat It

Are you one of those people who believes health and fashion have no links between the two? If you are, then you should rethink your logic because we believe that being healthy is the biggest fashion statement you can make. There is no way are you going to pull off looking glamorous with bad hair, poor skin and unhealthy nails. Now that we have talked about how health is inextricably linked with fashion, we will concentrate one of the aspects that make you look good – your nails. In this article, we will look at what causes ridges in fingernails and how to treat it. It is only when you have healthy nails can you even think of something as simple as easy nail art designs for short nails to copy. Even after finding ways to ensure that there are no ridges in your fingernails, we suggest that you look at how to make nails stronger and beautiful.

If you are suffering from ridges in your fingernails, and wondering what causes ridges in fingernails and how to treat it, then we suggest that you read on. And once you do, try simple and fashionable nail art ideas for any season.

What Causes Ridges In Fingernails? How To Treat It?

Biting, injury, and chemicals: This is easy enough to determine as many a times, the injury you suffer that causes ridges in your fingernails could be related to your work or occupation. Even chemical causes can also be traced back to occupational or causes that require regular exposure. Injury no doubt, will remain in your memory and you will definitely know when it causes ridges on your nails.

Infections: Sometimes infections like fungal or bacteria related can cause the formation of ridges in your nails. Some of these causes can also be traced back to infections of the heart valve and viral warts.

Surgeries and illness: A few diseases in your body can make themselves known through the ridges in your nails. For instance, the ridges in your nails could be an indication of thyroid, liver, heart or kidney related conditions. Sometimes the supply of oxygen after a surgery can cause ridges to the nails.

Poison: Certain type of poisoning like arsenic poisoning can cause ridges in the nails. These ridges can also be the result of the harsh chemicals that are used in chemotherapy.

Here are some ways you can treat the ridges on your nails:

Have a regular nail care routine: You need to go through a process where you clean nails after removing nail polish by soaking them in lukewarm water. Dry the nails properly and massage the nails with nail oil. Also, trim the cuticle on a regular basis. It would also be a good idea to buff the nail with a good quality file. If you must apply nail polish, use a protective coating before doing so and also ensure that you use only good quality nail polish. It would be a good idea to get nail massages on a regular basis to nourish the nails with good quality oils. Creams or oils with vitamin E is found to be beneficial for the health of your nails.

Change your diet: Ensure that your diet has plenty of leafy vegetables and fruits to ensure that you get your quota of folic acid, iron and silica. Try to include herbs like gotu kola, horsetail in your diet. Having oats is also a good idea. Include digestive and enzymatic foods like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and bitter lettuces to encourage the absorption of minerals in your diet. Also, try to include proteins and fatty acids in your diet.

Work at preventing problems: Nail health is a good indicator of your general health and you will need to work on preventing overall health problems. This includes a proper diet and exercise routine, good nail care and use of good products.