Pretty And Playful Peter Pan Collar Dresses

Pretty And Playful Peter Pan Collar Dresses

We often associate collars with formal dressing but this norm is broken by Peter Pan collars. These collars are not your standard stiff collars whose duty seems to be to close the neck and provide a nice frame for the tie. In contrast to the normal collar, the Peter Pan collar lies flat and has rounded edges. And we would also like to mention at this stage that the Peter Pan collar also need not lie close to the throat and can be worn with a slightly deeper neck. In fact, if anything we would say that the role of the Peter Pan collar is more in the way of playful adornment than the role of the conventional collar. The name was coined because Maude Adam had this on as her costume when she played the role of Peter Pan in 1905. In many instances, the Peter Pan collar is worn in contrasting colors and it can be a way of coming up with creative contrast color dress to keep you colorful.

The thing about Peter Pan collar is that it can take a seemingly playful and casual clothing into something that would be suitable as business travel outfits for women. We women dress not only for the occasion but also in keeping with our moods. And sometimes we need some easy chic quick fashion ideas and this is easy enough to do by adding the Peter Pan collar to a top or dress.

You must be thinking that Peter Pan collar is a very old fashioned feature in the fashion world but just think about how well this feature has survived which makes it a fashion survivor even in today’s times. There are many reasons that the Peter Pan collar which is supposed to have originated before 1905 has survived all the changes that have occurred in the fashion world.

Here are some reasons why it is so and these reasons will also clarify how Peter Pan collars can be used to make your dressing more attractive:

It is pretty: Even if you are not a big fan of the Peter Pan collar, there is no denying that it is a pretty feature to have. And fashions are meant to be appealing to the eye. You have to admit that though the Peter Pan collar does not function as a normal collar would, it still has a lot of visual appeal.

It is forgiving: The normal stiff collar is a feature that is a bit harsh on those women who have plump chin, neck and collar bone area by making them look plumper. But that is not the case with Peter Pan collar, which is softer and more forgiving.

It is fun: Unlike the conventional collar that makes the wearer look as if they are attending something serious and not so fun, the Peter Pan collar makes the whole outfit look official but also a lot of fun. This is because it is not as closed up and stiff as the normal collar and makes it look as if the wearer means business but also knows how to have fun.

It revives: If you have an old dress or top that is a bit frayed at the neck area, it is a good idea to add a playful Peter Pan collar to it in a contrasting color or a cloth of a different texture to give it a new look.

The next time you are seeking to add a quaint, quirky, playful and cute touch to your outfits, you could consider the addition of the Peter Pan collar as an option.