40 Intricate Cornrow Hairstyles Which Are The Best

40 Intricate Cornrow Hairstyles Which Are The Best

Have you ever wanted to do what Monica did in one of the episodes of Friends when her hair got too fizzy to handle? Which is get cornrows to handle the hair. We know that this move was talked about in not so flattering terms but the fact is that cornrows are a good option especially if you have frizzy or crinkly hair that is difficult to manage. And there are many cool cornrow hairstyles which are the best and will make you feel good to sport for any occasion. However, before you jump in and get cornrows added to your hair, just read on to know what kind of care they need and some cautions that you may need to take in order to make your cornrows work. Once you have the cornrows done and learned about their upkeep, you will find that they allow you to go for intricate cornrow hairstyles that you did not even think of getting done before you got cornrows. A cornrow braid can be one of the unique braids to try in the coming months. You will find that not only do cornrow hairstyles feature in the guide to African American wedding hairstyles but also in many other situations.

Intricate Cornrow Hairstyles Which Are The Best

Getting cornrows done on your hair offers you a lot of choices when it comes to hairstyles including everyone’s favorite half-up, half-down hairstyles. The one thing that you need to remember about cornrows is that you should not try to do them the first time by yourself. Getting it professionally done at least the first few times will ensure that you get it done right.

The thing is that once you get your cornrows done, it makes sense to keep it for a while and in order to do so, you will have to learn to take care of the cornrows and maintain them well. This way they will last longer and enable you to try different hairstyles as the mood strikes you.

The thing about cornrows are that they are done in most instances in curly hair that has the tendency to dry out. You will need to ensure that you keep moisturizing your cornrows on a regular basis to avoid your hair getting brittle and dry and even breaking off due to this. To this end, you need to regularly apply oil or hair lotion regularly, but do stop when the hair gets too sticky. Another important care element to remember is that you need to wrap your hair carefully and if possible in a silk scarf before going to sleep on a nightly basis. The best way to do it is fold the scarf in such a way that it forms a triangle. Then place the scarf on the head to cover the front of your hair and with the pointed bits on the side. Tie the two ends of the scarf at the back of your hair; do this in such a way as to prevent your scarf from sliding away.

If the cornrows that you have or the braids are too long, you can tuck them in the back of the scarf and tuck this in the knotted bit at the base of the back of the neck. This should be done gently but firmly every night before you go to sleep.

Another thing to remember is that you should not over handle your braids or this could result in frayed ends. To wash the hair, wrap the hair in a long cap so that all the braids are in it and wash it gently using diluted hair. Wash gently and press the braids to remove excess water and wrap them in a scarf to dry them. Also ensure that you open the braids within a maximum of six weeks to ensure that your hair does not spoil. Please do check out the various cornrow based hairstyles you can try from the images given here along with this article.