I Used To Hate My Striped Shirt Until I Saw These Pics

I Used To Hate My Striped Shirt Until I Saw These Pics

Have you ever tried something new only to wonder why you did not try that particular style or garment before this? We are sure that this happens to all of us and we curse the time we spent avoiding the style instead of embracing it. And unless you want to be one of those who spends a lot of time thinking I used to hate my striped shirt until I saw these pics, we suggest that you follow some of the tips we give here to rock the look. Oh yes, this article is going to be a virtual celebration of the striped shirt that earlier used to be considered as the style statement of men or women who want to or don’t mind looking a bit less feminine than others. But when you look at trendy stripes fashion outfit ideas, you will realize that by ignoring striped shirts you are actually losing out on a fashion option that is attractive and flattering as well as sensible in many instances.

I Used To Hate My Striped Shirt Until I Saw These Pics

And instead of thinking I used to hate my striped shirt until I saw these pics, you would be better of focusing on how to wear leggings because right there is a comfortable and fun outfit option that is also versatile. While you are thinking on these lines (in this case literally), learn all about mixing prints without getting mixed up yourself.

Slimming effect: With most of us, the inner desire that we all have is to look slimmer. While we are not completely advocating that you should obsess about this and be proud of yourself no matter what your body is shaped like, it would be good to have a few tricks to create an optical illusion of slimness. One of the easiest tricks in this regard is the use of the vertical stripes. The use of the vertical striped shirt can be made to good effect for this purpose and this is because the vertical stripes on the shirt draw the eye length wise and not breadth wise creating a slimming visual effect.

Optical illusion to make you taller: Women or for that matter men who feel that they lack height, can use vertical stripes to create a slightly taller effect. Once again it is about drawing the eyes of the onlooker to go up and down rather than sideways. Here you go—another reason to fall in love with the striped shirt. Not only can you look taller on the whole but also ensure that your torso looks longer if that is what you want by playing around with the waist level of the jeans or pants.

As a dress in itself: And have you ever stopped to think that the striped shirt when sufficiently wrong, can be used as a complete dress in itself? Now that you think about it, you must be feeling bad for not thinking of this before. You can either wear the striped shirt long and loose with leggings or by itself or with a belt at the waist to give better definition to your shape. We definitely think we are making inroads into taking your dislike for striped shirts away. Another option is that you can have a mix of stripes to make it more interesting instead of having stripes in just one direction.

Mix it up with prints: Yes, you can and you should mix the striped shirt with skirts or pants of other prints to create an interesting effect. Try a couple of options before you go the whole hog and ensure that you create a smart and interesting look that others want to emulate by carrying of the look with confidence.

Knotting and tucking: You also have to like the striped shirt because they offer you a lot of options. For instance, you can leave them loose or tuck them. And if you are completely confused half tucked in and half out is also the way to go. If none of these appeal, then tie them at the waist in a knot and have everyone gasping over your cheek.