10 Suit Jacket Details Every Gentlemen should Know About

10 Suit Jacket Details Every Gentlemen should Know About

There is something about a man in a suit that touches a woman and makes her heart beat faster as long as the man knows his way around a suit. We can always blame it on James Bond but the fact is that a man should know which suit would suit him and ensure that the jacket hangs right. We don’t know whether a suit would be considered as one among the five luxury travel staples for men, but if they do not think that way, you should start doing so. It is best to learn all about tuxedos for men to have hearts beating faster and ensuring that the man looks taller, trimmer and more dashing before even going out to buy that suit. And when we talk about the suit, you should know that the jacket is the part that does all the heavy lifting. Which is the reason this entire article is going to focus on it.

Getting the suit jacket right would ensure that you have the main component for mantastic classic gents looks. But the whole thing about knowing the suit jacket features can be a bit confusing, which is why we give you some details here.

Here are the many features about suits that you should know about:

Single or double breasted: The single-breasted suit is composed of two halves that button at the front with not more than two-three buttons on them. The double-breasted suit will have one half that overlaps the other with a more formal look with more buttons on them. One set that buttons on the inner side and the other on the outer side.

Single or two buttons: The single button is something that is unbuttoned when one sits down so that it is more comfortable and to ensure that the lines of the suit are not spoiled. In the double button suit, the top button is opened when one sits but the bottom button is kept closed. Sometimes some suits have three buttons and in such cases, the middle button is always closed the bottom one never.

Sack, structured and fitted: The sack as the name suggests is a pattern for the suit that has no fitted form. The narrow shoulders help people blend in a crowd. The structured fit of the suit is inspired by the military uniform and is the most formal of the lot. The shoulders are padded and the waist trim to give the wearer a nice form. This silhouette works on men who have a nice physique and is helped along by the use of high armholes.

Soft, roped and structured: The first thing that you have to remember about the fit of the suit is that if it does not fit you around the shoulders, it will not fit you at all. That is why the shoulder part of the suit is given extra attention with padding or structuring to ensure that the wearer looks good in it. But generally speaking, Italians like a softer and less structured look while the British like a bit of looping in the shoulder area.

Notch, peak and shawl: The notch lapel is when the top of the lapel and the bottom of the collar collide in a notch and this one of the most common type collar that is worn. The peak collar is one where the collar has strong edges that point towards the shoulders in a sharp peak. This looks good on double breasted or more formal suit jackets. This collar has a curve that is continuous and does not have peak or notch. This lapel can be seen in tuxedos and is worn for the most formal occasions.

Suit pocket: First of all, you should know that the flap on the pocket should be in proportion of the size of the lapel. The patch pocket is outside and is seen in the most casual of jackets. The ticket pocket was used to hold tickets which explains its dimensions. The angled pockets have an angle and always come with a flap. The flap pocket is used to add a bit of bulk to the hip area while the slit pocket does the opposite. The jetted pocket is a bit dressier and is found in the tuxedo.

Sleeve buttons: The general rule of the thumb is that four buttons on the sleeve are standard for suit jackets while sport jackets generally have only two buttons on the sleeves. The two-button jacket should have two or four buttons on the sleeve and the three button jacket would have three buttons on the sleeve. And the placement would also be stacked (very close), kissing(close) or spaced.

Lining types: When it comes to lining of a suit, most of the times you will see that it is done in a matching color. Contrasting colored lining is used for more casual wear. The lining of the suit tends to make it more durable and less expensive as unlined suits require a lot of special skills and labor to create.

Ventless, single, and double vented: Jackets with no vents are the kind that are preferred by Italians for the fitted look. The disadvantage of this is that sitting can spoil the lines of the jacket. The single vent though allowing more freedom can make the man show more of his backside than may appear attractive which is something to think about. The double-sided vents makes movement easier and provides good shape to the wearer.

Lapel buttonhole: In suits that are more expensive, there is a buttonhole that is functional and used for pinning a flower. But do take care that you pin the flower only after checking if the florist has specifically prepared the flower for this very purpose.