Pretty And Perfect Pearl Embellished Dresses

Pretty And Perfect Pearl Embellished Dresses

Pearls are considered the tears of the moon and often seen as a romantic jewel that is endowed with a lot of soft, romantic and spiritual qualities. While we believe all this could be true, we also feel that pearls, when seen from a fashion view point are definitely flattering to a woman’s skin making it glow and making her seem somehow softer and more feminine. In this article, we will be looking at the use of pearls as a means of embellishment on dresses and how they can be flattering. The study of pearls can be very interesting and will come under the category of different types of gemstones with pictures to understand the different types of pearls. Many of you may be aware that pearls are priced in different ways depending on the sheen, the size and the source and that today most of us can afford a few if we are going for those that are artificially cultivated and that natural pearls are more expensive.

If we are talking about dresses that are embellished with pearls and that too real pearls, then they have to be dresses for special occasions. We are talking about dreamy wedding dresses that can be made even more special with the addition of pearls as embellishment. We also should add here if you are considering the purchase of a pearl necklace because it is one of the 15 items every woman’s wardrobe must have, then do invest in one that is more expensive and made of real pearls, though in your price range.

However, when it comes to pretty and perfect pearl embellished dresses, here are some points to consider:

The addition of pearls to the dress would weigh that part of the dress down. Which means if you are looking to avoid a neckline that is too deep or a back that is too low, do not add pearls there. In fact, if anything, you can use this extra weight that pearls add to a dress to your advantage. For instance, the addition of pearls to the hem or the skirt area would make the fall look less fluffed up and help make your figure look better if you have a curvy bottom portion.

If the pearls are a part of the embroidery in your dress and you can make it lighter, then pearls can be added to most parts of the dress. These areas could include the chest area, the sleeves, the back, the neck, the waist or the hem. If you are going for a delicate look, then go for seed or rice pearls that are slightly long and not as dense as the round pearl. This idea applies to even good quality faux pearls that you are using to embellish your dress.

If you are going for understated elegance, then the best way to make pearls work as embellishments on your dress is going for a paler color. For instance it would work very well on white, creams, beige, rose or the palest of peaches. But if it is contrast that you are looking for, then most darker but brighter colors would work. In fact, you would find that pearls go with fabrics that have a slight sheen of their own like silks, chiffons, velvets and satins.

Having said that, we are going to go contrarian and say that some people have even used pearls to embellish something as daily use and mundane as jeans with interesting results. We guess, there is no wrong way when it comes to the use of pearls and the way they flatter women.

The only cautionary thought that we would leave you here is that if you are going for pearl embellished outfits is that you have to be prepared for the care and upkeep of such clothing. There is no way you can throw such outfits into a washing machine and expect it to come out looking good.