Mohawk Hairstyle For Men; For Those Who Like To Stand Out From The Crowd

Mohawk Hairstyle For Men; For Those Who Like To Stand Out From The Crowd

We know that the general belief is that men rarely experiment with their looks, especially, their hair. But that is no longer true and in the current times, you will see that men also want to play around with their looks. That is why, in this article we are going to be looking at mohawk hairstyle for men, which is among the hairstyles for boys with long hair but with a twist. This takes the need that most men have short hair but also to flaunt longer hair and comes up with an interesting mix of both. The mohawk generally speaking consists of shaving off the sides of the head leaving a patch of longer hair in the middle that is often styled to stand out.

Though it is an awesome look for men to sport, it probably cannot be combined with business travel outfits for men. The mohawk hairstyle for men can counted as one among the sexy summer haircuts for men because generally speaking it does keep the hair off the face and neck which is a requirement for summer hairstyles.

Mohawk Hairstyle For Men

Here are some factors to consider:

Faded mohawk: This mohawk is a little more sedate than some of the extreme ones that we will be getting to soon. The faded mohawk combines the fade on both the sides and the back with the mohawk in the center. This can almost be pulled off even with formal attire as it is not as extreme and radical.

Extreme mohawk: The extreme mohawk would mean smoothly shaving off the sides of your head and keeping the central Mohican part really long. Some men go so far as to stiffen the hair so much that it stands up. This hairdo requires a lot of upkeep and will draw a lot of attention, both good and bad and you have to be prepared for that.

Spiky mohawk: This can combine a gradual fade with cute little spikes in the mohawk part of the hair making it look more conventional and acceptable in many situations. What is more, this hairdo requires lesser effort and upkeep when compared to the extreme mohawk.

Plaited mohawk: This can have stubble or clean shaven on the sides of the head with dreadlocks in the center. It is neater to take care off when you have the plaits done but may require you to ensure that you still groom them well.

Streaky mohawk: Some men go for the mohawk either with a fading or balding sides and reasonably longer hair in the center. They then go a step further and add streaks to the central longer part of the hair. This can look really good if you pick out the right shade of color to streak your mohawk with.

Knotted mohawk: The knotted mohawk is a great way to grow your hair longer in the center but without it making it too hot for you to wear it that way. It is simply a matter of knotting the longer central part of the mohawk. You can either tie back the hair into a ponytail or knot it up to make a nice bun on top.

Hairstyles for men are normally chosen with a view of easy maintenance and minimal grooming given that men are not that much inclined to put in a lot of effort to keep up their style. But as with any rule, there are exceptions in these to. It is for the exceptional men who want to do something different with their look and make an effort is the Mohican or mohawk hairstyle. We want to caution you that if you are choosing to go with the mohawk along with facial hair, then do make it a point to spend some time, effort and money on its upkeep.