Low Fade Haircuts For Men; For Striking Looks Without Going Too Extreme

Low Fade Haircuts For Men; For Striking Looks Without Going Too Extreme

Men tend to believe that the shorter they buzz their hair down, the better it is for them in terms of the kind of care they need to give it and the way it feels much cooler on their head. On the other hand, many women are known to swoon over men who have slightly longer hair especially if they take good care of it. We all know that men want to feel good for themselves but also look hot for the women. One of the ways they can do this is with low fade haircuts for men. The low face haircuts can work as well with the most hottest men’s jeans styles to follow these days as well as with other attire.

While many men may want to go with hot man bun hairstyles for guys, they would be better off with low fade haircuts for men. Even though there are many accessories, the right hairstyle would still count among the hottest men’s accessories.

Low Fade Haircuts For Men

Some factors to consider: Though there are many kinds of fade haircuts, we have chosen to talk about the low fade haircut because it is a moderate one and can work with men having different facial features. As the name suggests, the low fade has the hair has hair fading to very low length or even stubble at the sides and back and longer in the top and middle portion of the head. Having said that, the low fade offers a lot of options depending on the preference of the man, the type of hair he has and also the kind of facial hair he wants to sport along with the hairstyle.

The simple fade: This fade has the longer in the middle parted in the way the man prefers and combed neatly. This gives the face an innocent and boyish charm. One can add to the charm of the look with the addition of a well-trimmed beard and mustache along with nice sideburns that seems to blend with the whole hairdo.

The sculpted fade: In this option, you will see that the hair in the center is not left simply cut but there is a certain pattern sculpted into them. This style will work well for those who have kinky hair as it can hold the pattern better than straight and silky hair.

Rounded fade: This low fade does not have extremes and in fact looks pretty natural as the hair growing on the sides is very small and in the middle and back, the hair is allowed to fall in a natural way. The front portion of the hair is shaped in a slightly rounded way.

Spiky fade: In this fade, the hair in the middle is left to grow a bit longer and styled to stand a bit stiffly on to the front of the face, which means on the center part of the forehead. In some instances, men are known to comb the longer hair in the center upwards and backwards creating a windblown look that can also look interesting.

As you can see from the broad categories we have given here for the low fade hairstyle, there are quite a few options available. For instance, you want to have a low fade but still be found to be acceptable in offices with a formal setup, then the moderate fade is a good way to go. It is cute and simple but also stands out from a standard haircut that you would get. But if you do not want to be melded into a crowd and be noticed, then you can go for a more radical and unusual low fade. We are sure that you will be thrilled that there so many options for you to choose from.