How To Text Guys Like A Pro

How To Text Guys Like A Pro

The technological revolution has changed the way we communicate to one another and it has made our communication easier via phones, iPods and computers. But sometimes such communication creates a lot of problems, especially for girls. Almost every modern girl tries to text a guy for once in her life. And it happens that often we don’t know how to start texting to have the continuation. Let`s work out why it is happening as texting a guy can make your date as well as break your relationship. So it`s useful to realize how to text guys properly to break the ice.

How To Text Guys Like A Pro1

How To Text Guys Like A Pro

Talk Moderately

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When you communicate with a guy for the first time you have to text him as much as he is texting you or even less to pick him up. Text your answers not right away. Don’t show him that you’re waiting impatiently for his texts. Try to make the impression that you’re a bit busy with something but don’t overdo!

Get Something to Talk About

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Nothing kills a conversation like a necessity to text long responses. It seems boring. If you want to have a long-term communication, date in future or some relationships you should try to ask only simple questions that will make him want to talk. Guys are like we love to talk about themselves. But don’t make talk in interrogation. It should be easy, light, fun and at the same time catchy.

Avoid of Awkward Moments

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You mustn’t forget that texting isn’t face-to-face communication. Avoid sending the messages with the questions that can create discomfort in your conversing. In the case, you doubt if you should text it don’t do this at all and change the subject of your talking.

Don’t Ignore His Jokes

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Very important thing in conversation is to appreciate his sense of humor. Guys always try to make jokes and they need the right response to their jokes. So, try not to miss his attempts to make you laugh. Text him “I love your message”, “You’re such a joker!”, “Really funny” and so on. Of course, don’t forget to add a smiley face, smiley emojis or funny pictures.

Know When to Stop Conversation

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When you notice that he sends you “one-word” answers or his answers are taking way too long to text back you have to end your communication first. Text him something like “Till next time”, “Talk to you soon”, “Have a nice day” or so on. Try to end your talk with the possibility of further communication. Tell him why you have to stop texting and that you will be pleased to continue your talk later.

Texting a guy like a pro isn’t so easy thing and it needs some experience for successful communication. Following this advice and soon you`ll see it will get simpler to you to attract guys` attention and carry on a conversation. Even if your first attempts aren’t so nice you`ll know what it`s like and it will be the useful experience that helps you for the next time you’ll try it.