How Often You Can Bleach Your Face? Learn The Right Way To Do It

How Often You Can Bleach Your Face? Learn The Right Way To Do It

We women go through a whole plethora of treatments and processes to look our best, a process that not many of the opposite sex even think of or know about. Why do we do this? To look good and be admired? Yes, but also because knowing that we look our best makes us feel better about ourselves. One of the things that we often do, especially if we happen to have a fair bit of facial hair is to bleach it. This helps in lightening the hair and letting it blend with the skin on your face. In this article, we will look how often can you bleach your hair. As you read through the article, you will realize that it is as important as knowing the important winter skin care tips and advice if not more.

We know most of us tend to focus on tips to help you deal with acne and oily skin but believe us when we tell you that knowing how often you can bleach your face is also very important. In fact facial hair is what is making your face appear darker than it is, then we feel bleaching tips are more important than knowing about makeup ideas and tips for darker shades of skin.

How Often Can you Bleach Your Face?

Before we start on the actual topic mentioned above, we would like to know if you currently bleach your facial hair and if you do, then do you like the results you get. And if you are one of those who is planning to start bleaching soon, then it is even more important to go through what we have to say before you start on it. The thing is bleach can often end up causing irritation if not done with the right knowledge and this is something that you want to avoid.

The first thing that you should know is that how long the hair on your face remains bleached once you do it. The facial hair will remain bleached as long as the hair above the skin remains the same length. It is only once it starts growing do the dark roots start showing through. If you look at the typical growth cycle of hair follicles, then you would realize that it takes 2-4 weeks for the hair follicle to reach the skin surface and break through. Of course, this would vary based on the individual’s hair growth rate.

But generally speaking, the bleached effect can last anywhere between two to four weeks based on the facts we have presented above.

Then coming down to the frequency of the bleaching of facial hair, we think that it would depend on the hair growth rate and your desire to keep your face looking good without letting the dark roots showing through. But the thing is that you will be able to determine your hair growth cycle only after you have had a couple of bleaching sessions. No matter what the growth rate of the hair is, do ensure that you keep at least a gap of 15 days between one bleaching session and another. But if you really make it want to look good and seamless, then do not have more than four weeks between one session and another.

We also give you some tips to help you bleach your facial hair with maximum protection. Since the skin on the face is very sensitive and tends to get irritated easily, ensure that you use a mild formula and also limit direct exposure to extreme sunlight.

Carry out a patch test on an arm or leg before applying the bleach onto your face to ensure that you do not end up having adverse reactions to the bleach.

Avoid applying bleach too close to your eyes, ears or the nose.

Do not apply bleach on skin irregularities like moles, abrasions, warts, etc