30 Real Nose Job Before And After Pictures

30 Real Nose Job Before And After Pictures

Okay, we are sure an average person sees as many as 10-15 faces on an ordinary day unless your job involves not being around people at all. Even then, you must look at faces on the laptop or the television screen. In fact, many romantics claim that it is the face that draws them to another person and that they fall in love with the way a face looks. The focus no doubt of these poetic declarations is no doubt focused around the eyes and lips or in some instances the neck. Rarely do we give the nose, which can change your complete look that much credit. But the reality is that the nose can make or break a face. A nose that is not well shaped and suitable to the face it sits on, can make you look like a beauty or it could go completely in the opposite direction. In this article, we will look at some before and after pictures of people who have had nose jobs so that you will know what we mean about noses being very important to the way you look. That is why before you start thinking I want to know more about nose rings and read to know more, you should know some facts about noses and the way they affect the way faces look.





Real Nose Job Before And After Pictures





In fact, if you are planning to research all you want to know about sunglasses, the nose will have to play a starring role in this too. The thing is that many of us spend a lot of time hating the way our noses look on our faces and often contemplate the idea of getting a nose job, but we know very little about the process and what it entails and this can be a bad way to approach such a major operation. It is not as simple as learning about best aftercare tips for nose piercing or some such process. In fact, a nose job or rhinoplasty is so complex that you are better off knowing about some hints and tips about it.






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It is not a simple process: Some people go with the assumption that the rhinoplasty process is as simple as removing the lump at the tip of your nose. But it is anything but and in fact is a delicate process of ensuring all parts of the nose are in symmetry with each other and rest of the face.

It is not covered by insurance: Cosmetic nose jobs are not covered by most insurance policies unless there is a health based reason for it and is partially covered in most instances.





It is not always obvious: Some people feel nose jobs are easy to spot unless you knew the person who go it before the operation or if it is done very poorly.

You cannot change your nose to be similar to a celebrity: This is true, the nose job you get has to go with the rest of your features and you cannot blindly pick a nose type for your nose job.





Not all plastic surgeons can do rhinoplasty: This is true and since the nose job is complex and difficult, the plastic surgeon has to have the requisite skills and equipment to deal with this.

You may need to revisit the surgery: As high as 15% of the people who go for nose jobs face the possibility of revisiting their operation in the future.





It costs a lot: Rhinoplasty is an expensive process and there is no denying this and since insurance cannot cover this, it would be good to explore some payment terms and options if you are considering one.

It is not only for vain people: While many people go for a nose job to improve their looks, it is not always true for everyone. Some people go through a lot of emotional trauma due to the way their nose is shaped and this could be the reason they go for this procedure.






You will continue to dislike your nose: If you are one of the people who feel that there is no need to go for a nose job because you will start liking it eventually, this may not always happen.

Anaesthesia is safe: While nose jobs are done under general anesthesia, the risks are pretty low and the process is safe for people with general good health.