6 Suit Colors For A Classy Gentleman

6 Suit Colors For A Classy Gentleman

Suits! What can we say? But if we had to go by what Barney Stinson (of the series ‘How I met your mother’ fame) would say then getting the right suit is the biggest priority in life. But levity aside, suits can make or break a man’s look. We all cannot help but gasp over dashing examples of men in suits but there is also a certain amount of disdain for men who do not get their suit right. And getting a suit right means knowing which suit colors work on classy gentlemen, getting the style and fit right as well as investing in care and time to select one that is of a good material and that fits well. While getting a suit right is not a cakewalk, it is also not rocket science.


You have to know the rules to follow to wear suits the right way and also know the colors that work in general and then on you. While we are aware that men are not that into fashion as women are, more and more of the masculine gender are awakening to the fact that looking good makes a good personal and professional impression. It would also be a good idea for men to look at which dynamic men’s hairstyles works with suits.

Here are the six color suits that a classy gentleman should consider:


Navy blue: All men love blue as they should because this color really works on them. The navy blue suit works for formal as well as not so formal occasions. It is versatile enough to change your look from formal to informal based on the kind of shirt you pair with it as well as the accessories.


Shades of Grey: Since grey consists of charcoal, light and medium grey, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, charcoal looks awesome for formal occasions without being as absolutely stark as black. Medium will work for formal as well as a casual occasions in a pinch. Light grey makes it awesome to wear it for the hotter days as well as the less formal occasions.


Black rules: Black seems to be the color that most of us gravitate towards because it is awesome and it does rule. But do remember that you need to be careful not to go overboard with black and that it works better on men with dark eyes and hair.


Dark brown: You can very easily go wrong when it comes to getting the shade of brown right and this can ruin the effect you want to create by wearing a suit in the first place. Plus it may not really work for ultra formal or official occasions and this is something you need to keep in mind.


The tan: This is a cool shade and one that lets you play around a bit with prints and combinations. It is a warm shade in the way it feels but a cool one to play around with. The only caution is to avoid the tendency to over experiment with this one.


White: This one is an eyeball grabber and if that is what you are going for here, then by all means wear the pristine white one and catch everyone’s eye. But do make sure that the cloth used is of quality and that you maintain the white. Or else you could end up making the wrong impression.

A suit by itself cannot complete the look; you will need to focus on the shirt, the belt, the shoes and the tie you wear with it to complete the look. In fact, these are just the basic accessories and you will need to focus on the others as well if you are using them.


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