What To Wear To Your Engagement Shoot

What To Wear To Your Engagement Shoot

We feel that we should start this article by congratulating you on getting engaged. It is after all a big day when you feel that you are ready to commit yourself to that someone special who will be your partner in the most meaningful way and that too for the rest of your life. It is an occasion that most people like to celebrate with a nice party and a photo shoot to record the moment for posterity. It is also an occasion that is free of the pressure one faces when one is getting married. However, the flip side to this is that since engagement parties and thereby the accompanying shoot has no set rules, it can cause a lot of confusion for the prospective bride and groom about what they should wear and how they should present themselves. This goes beyond the exciting world of engagement rings, which again is not without its own confusion.




If you are the kind to indulge in a long celebration for your engagement, we suggest that you plan for the whole wardrobe. For instance, if you are planning a week-long celebration, then you should learn to plan your wardrobe for the whole week and that too in advance to ensure that everything is picture perfect. Of course, we are assuming that even the proposal process has been well planned by your beloved so that this can be replayed in all its glory so that this can be part of the engagement shoot. And if your beloved has not done this, then suggest that he or she look up romantic ways to propose your girlfriend.




Here are some points to think about when planning on what to wear for an engagement shoot:

Determine how many shots: Some couples like to save up all their special effects for the wedding and play the engagement down. If you are one of those, then it is better that you talk it over with the people involved about how long and how detailed the photo shoot for your engagement will be. This will help you determine the many details you have deal with and the kind of wardrobe you will have to put together.




Decide on the theme: Talking about different themes and deciding which ones to go with and that too with your betrothed will ensure that both of you can start working on the kind of outfits you will need to put together. This way the shoot will be smooth and will take lesser time. After all, you have a wedding to plan!




Ensure that you have the right props: Shoots work well when they are planned to the last detail and in this case, a couple of props to go with the kind of theme you are working with will definitely help. And if you are having the shoot during an engagement party, then it makes even more sense to have your props on hand to be used for the shoot.




Talk to your betrothed so that he or she agrees: Ensuring that the theme, the clothes and the props for the engagement are agreed upon in advance ensures that the shoot will work out well. An engagement is between two people and their families and friends and it makes sense to have a consensus on this before proceeding with something like a shoot.




Factor in the weather as well as other aspects: The weather and the venue are two aspects that will make the shoot become a success or end up being a failure. Ensure that you have done some research on these factors to ensure that the engagement shoot works out well.