Sexy Slash Neck Dresses To Leave Them Gasping For More

Sexy Slash Neck Dresses To Leave Them Gasping For More

People and by that, we mean men have many theories about what makes a woman look good in a dress, but we have a theory about that. We feel that some of the most feminine aspects of a woman is her neck and that playing around with the way the neck is cut changes the whole look of the dress and that the right cut makes it very appealing. Just look at the beautiful and elegant boat neck dresses to know what we mean as this kind of neck emphasizes the neck and the collarbones, which are among the most appealing feature of a woman’s looks. That is why we are going to be looking at sexy slash neck dresses in this article. This slash neck dress is a feature that is almost like adding a shock value to your dress with an unexpected twist.





It may not be like the so soft and sensual scoop neck dresses that have a different appeal but one cannot underestimate the surprise value that slash neck dresses add. If you are looking for a definition for slash neck dresses, then we can give you a simple explanation. As the name suggests, the slash neck dress will literally have a slash on it in one way or the other. It is not as defined as the o neck dress that will have others going ah but it makes up in the sudden appeal that it creates.





If you are wondering how the slash neck dress works, here are some ways you can go about it:

Slash in the middle: This is still a conventional look and with a dress that has a slash right in the center. Yes, it will create a nice impact with the cleavage that it will create with the depth of the slash the dress will have. You can always make the slash look more interesting will be a zigzag cut instead of a straight one or a cut that is embroidered around the edges.





A slash that is horizontal: This would show play peekaboo with the eyes of the onlooker to create an interesting effect. The effect is so good that with such a slash neck dress, you will not even have to wear an interesting neckpiece but do make sure you wear flirty earrings to draw the eye to the slash at the neck.





A slash on the shoulders: This is a rather asymmetrical slash that is on the side on one side to offer peeks of flesh that will take a simple and plain dress and make it very interesting. This makes the shoulders take on center stage and make a person look different but elegant at the same time.





A slash at the back: Yes, while we are aware that a low back dress has its own appeal, the slash at the back does not go the whole hog but leaves your onlookers wanting more. Do make sure that you wear your hair up for the slash at the back to have the dramatic impact that you are going for.



A slash down the side: This is somewhat reminiscent of the femme fatale that had such an interesting role and seemed to suggest an interesting life as well. This slash is all about the legs and thighs offering peeks that will have people wanting to lower their eyes more often than they would normally do and does not come under the slash neck concept, but we still thought it worth mentioning it here.



Do tell us, which slash appeals to you the most.