Mesmerizing And Majorly Impactful Majolica Print Dresses

Mesmerizing And Majorly Impactful Majolica Print Dresses

When it comes to dresses, most women tend to veer towards plain dresses or dresses with sober stripes at least for formal occasions. But sometimes, you need to go for a print or two to ensure that your dressing style or wardrobe becomes too monotonous and boring. And you will find that trendy and geometric print outfits work well for formal as well as casual occasions because of their orderly look and lovely symmetry, if you are worried about prints being too boisterous. But in this article we are not going to talk about any of the conventional prints but about a relatively new print – Majolica prints, though some of you may know about these prints. If you do, then you should also know that these prints work very well on pretty and perfect printed silk dresses.




If you are a child of the sixties, seventies and eighties, you will immediately be cognizant of what a Majolica print looks like because you would have spent a lot of time playing with the kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope for those who know what it is, is a simple toy made up of mirrors placed smartly with a small container at the end with bits and pieces. You would have to look through the peephole and rotate the cylindrical kaleidoscope; you would see lovely design visible to the eye. The Majolica print looks very similar to those patterns. It will also be one of the original and awesome oriental prints to wear to an advantage as many oriental prints have designs that have this vibe.




Here are some reasons for you to wear the majolica prints:

It looks vibrant: Even if you are not a big fan of the majolica print, you will have to admit that it is not a print that can be ignored nor can you call it dull. There is a live vibrancy to this print that will make you feel upbeat even by just looking at it. If that is not a decision so wear this print, then we cannot imagine what is.




The colors can be uplifting: The colors and patterns in majolica prints are so cheerful and have such a colorful look about them, that they can lift your mood. Do you have a dress that you wear when you feel your mood needs a lift? We are sure that if you get a majolica dress, then it will become you go to dress for when you need to feel uplifted. Admittedly it is on a white background in most instances, but it creates such a big impact that you cannot deny it.




There is a porcelain effect: You may have looked at delicate and expensive porcelain which has delicate patterns on it. If you look very closely at majolica prints, then you will realize that it is similar to the patterns on porcelain. While it may seem strange to describe patterns on crockery as something attractive for attire, in this case it works. It creates a feminine yet vibrant and elegant effect but without resorting to dullness as many patterns are wont to do.




Works for all occasions: Once you are into majolica prints, you will realize that it will work for most attire and thereby most occasions. Just think, can you wear a majolica patterned swimsuit? Or a formal gown in silk? Or a skirt with majolica prints? Or a top or jacket with majolica print? The answer in all probability to all these questions will be in the affirmative, which makes it a very flexible and adaptable print to wear.