40 Latest Fall Fashion Trends To Follow In 2016-17

40 Latest Fall Fashion Trends To Follow In 2016-17

If you are a fashion fan, we are sure that you wait every year with bated breath to find out what are the latest in fashion trends for each season. And if you are into making a style statement of your own, then you will probably distill the best aspects of these trends with regard to your looks and make it a style of your own. When it comes to seasons that appeal to you the most, then fall could have a great amount of appeal to you as it is one of the seasons that when it comes to fashions is the most flexible. Which essentially means that you can take some nice elements from summer dressing as well as winter dressing and make an ensemble that suits the changing fall weather. You must be aware that there are plenty of choices like preppy looks for fall to copy right now if that is the way you like to dress. A look at the current trends is a great way to ensure that you have more convenient fall fashion ideas for working women so that you can go to office looking chic and smart all the time.





Latest Fall Fashion Trends To Follow In 2016-17





In the same way, it also makes sense to have an arsenal of coats, scarves, stoles, etc. so that you can throw it on or remove it as the weather warrants. That is why we feel that you should also take a look at fall coats and jackets for the current season so that you are in a fashionable state even as you dress for the fickle weather.






Here are some of the latest fall fashion trends that you need to follow:

The renaissance woman: This means that you can go ahead and go for plenty of velvet, corset like fitting, and bell sleeves very much like the women from the renaissance women.

The puff jacket: Now you need not really reach for an evening coat while you set off for an evening out. Just take out a bomber or puff jacket and combine it with evening wear for a smart look.

Tinsel: Yes, add bling or shine to your outfits and this can be on clothing as well as many of the accessories that you use.

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Broad straps: These are straps that look like the guitar straps and make carrying your handbags around.

Capelets: Just imagine a cape but only smaller and that is why the term capelet. This is a nice and chic retro touch to add to your outfits.

Statement chokers: Those lovely velvet chokers with many embellishments of the nineties are making a big comeback.

Suiting with pinstripes: These are not only in trend to make you look smart but also make your silhouette look longer and slimmer too.


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Chunky platform shoes: Imagine having the comfort of colorful but comfortable platform heels of the past making a comeback.

Extra long sleeve: These can come in really handy when you are feeling really cold during the changing fall weather to be used as a pair of mittens.

Hoodies: Keep them on or off if that is what you feel like to add an extra charming touch to your dressing.

One shoulder on: This is another trend that seems to be from the past, which means that you have outfits with one shoulder off and one long sleeve on the other.




Latest Fall Fashion Trends To Follow In 2016


Patent leather coat: Shiny and cute looking leather jackets or coats are a big part of the fall trends this year.

Details in metal: Adding bits and pieces of metal to your outfit makes it look trendy and gives it an edgy look as well.

Navy blue coats: The navy theme seems to be holding true and the long overcoats of a navy blue color seems to be in trend.

Velvet: Rich and sensuous, this trend is sure to lift your mood up and make you want to have excuses to dress up for an evening out.




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School girl jumper: Combine the jumper with a demure pinafore to relive those days of school that you now must be longing for so much now.

Off shoulder: Go for that off shoulder look while indoors and cover it up with a shrug or stole when you start feeling cold.

Grey plaid: This can make a good combination or background for rest of the color palette.

New ways to carry the bag: Now nobody will look askance at you when you carry your bag the way you want to.






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Fur stoles: Wear faux fur and that too across the body rather than around the shoulders or on the neck as you would normally.

Gloves: Now ensure that your gloves are not plain and boring any more.

Pink and yellow: Dusty shades of pink combined with yellow seems to be the hit of the season.