Gorgeous Golf Dress For That Girly Appeal

Gorgeous Golf Dress For That Girly Appeal


When it comes to most games and sports, women are expected to dress in appropriate clothing which will still be informal but that may not be the case with golf. So while you can keep the comfort of the stylish and easy sport shoe casual outfits, you will have to follow certain etiquette to ensure that you pass muster at the course when it comes to what you are wearing. This is because golf is often considered a genteel and refined sport that requires not only an elaborate setup but certain norms for how people can present themselves on the golf course. This of course makes sense given that not everyone can afford to play this game as the price of admission as well as the kind of equipment used is also a bit pricey.





That is why it would be wrong to go with the normal fashions related to sportswear and feel that you can make a go for it though with certain golf courses, where the public allowed, you may be able to get away with jeans and t-shirt. You may however a few among the many stylish ways to wear a sports jersey very handy in getting ready to go play golf.




We have gone with the advice to wear more formal or rather proper clothing when it comes to golf dressing but do not be surprised if some public or government courses allow women to step in while wearing simple jeans and top. But this is not the case with private courses where you will not be allowed to play unless you are dressed in a particular manner.





The top: Women are told to wear tops or blouse with collars though sleeveless tops and blouses are allowed. What is more popular among the women is the polo style shirt. It looks smart and comes in many colors with a v neck in most instances. You will also see floral and plain choices available in polo shirts. What you should avoid while playing on the golf course would be tank tops or halter neck tops.





Jackets and sweaters: It can generally be observed that people who play golf to wear clothing that is in layers. It is indeed a good day to wear a light sweater or jacket on top of a blouse on days that are cooler. As the play progresses, one may remove the jacket or sweater. You will find that sweatshirts and denim jackets are not considered unacceptable when it comes to golf course etiquette for golf courses.





Bottoms: Women are expected to wear slacks in the colder weather while on warmer days, shorter slacks or short would be acceptable. But the shorts or pants have to be modest length and not too short. Another garment that women wear is the skort – which is a combination of skirt and short. It makes moving around easy but still manages to look and feel good. You may have to avoid sundresses, sweat pants, jeans, and athletic pants at the golf course.



Dresses: Instead of long sweeping dresses, the idea is to go for smart and trim short dresses that come to mid thigh, especially with the skort bottom would be a good idea to wear. You may have to avoid things like flowing long dresses that will not only hinder your progress in the game but also make you look out of place on the golf course.



Socks and head coverings: Since the golf course offers little protection from the sun and the elements, it would be a good idea to wear a headband with a visor or a simple cap on the head. If you want, you can go with a straw hat as well. Since you will be wearing golf shoes, it is a good idea to wear socks that are low and do not show.