Fashion Tricks And Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Fashion Tricks And Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Fashion is not just about picking out the right colors, styles and accessories but also in ensuring that you are fashion-ready at all times. This takes some doing because to be fashion-ready, you have to have some smart fashion tips up your sleeve. Whether it is hacks to grow your beard faster or the things to do to be always good to go in a jiffy, you need some tricks and hacks to give you that edge. Having a handful of hacks has as much or more value than quick hairstyle tutorials for office women as both enable you to get ready fast. That is why we urge you to look at the hacks given below and use them along with the tips for creating the perfect wardrobe.

Here are some simple and logical hacks that will change the way you look at fashion:

dark to light colors
Arrange your outfits in the order of dark to light to enable you to easily pick out what you want in order to be dressed smartly at all times.

dont wear clthes immediately after iron
Instead of wearing your clothes as soon as you iron them, wear them after a few minutes to ensure that they stay wrinkle-free longer.

freezing in fridge
To ensure that your winter clothing does not shed much and lose their look, it is better to freeze them in the freezer.

air drying
If you want to lengthen the life of your denims and prevent them from shrinking after each wash, we advise you to air dry them.

salt water

Drain your clothing that has lost its soft feel in salt water to ensure that they retain their soft cloth as salt can help soften the strands in the fabric.

nail filer cleaning
Use your nail file to clean out your high heeled shoes as the outer covering is made out of polyutherane and the filer will gently remove the dirt and debris.

candle for zippers
Repair your spoiled zippers with the help of a candle as the wax will ensure that the teeth of the zipper stick together when you rub it across after you align them.

sun glasses fixing
If the screw holding the joints of the handles of your sunglasses is coming loose, then apply a layer of clear nail polish to ensure that it stays the way it is supposed to.

spray vodka for better clothes
Spraying on some vodka to your clothing will infuse them with new life by refreshing the smell and removing odors.

acetone for sparkling jewelry
Use an old toothbrush and acetone to clean out your jewelry to bring a shining and sparkling look to them.

soda tap on hangars
Fix a soda tap on the hanger to hang another hanger from them to ensure efficient use of space.

hair straightener for cuffs and collars
Use your hair straightener to iron out your collars and cuffs and get a good finish.

key ring for loose zipper
If the zipper of your jeans keeps sliding down, thread a key ring through the zip tab and fix it on your jeans button to prevent it from sliding down.

tape for buttons
Any gaps between two buttons on your top can make you look clumsy and you can fix this gap using double sided tape.

hairspray for make up stain
If your clothing is smeared with makeup, then it looks dirty and dishevelled and the best way to remove them is with a bit of hairspray and a brush.

thin necklace in straws
Thread your thin chains and necklaces through straws to ensure that they don’t get tangled with each other.

baby wipes for deo stains
Any deodorant stains on your clothing can be removed with the help of baby wipes.

nail polish for buttons
When you find that a button keeps falling off, the best way to prevent this is by applying nail polish on to this to make it stiffer.

ice and knife for chewing gums
If your clothes have chewing gum stuck on them, apply ice on it to stiffen and then gently scrape it with a knife.

small t shirts
If you find that your favorite t-shirt is too tight for you now, add a bit of printed cloth on both sides to widen it and continue to wear it.