Fantastic Funnel Neck Dress Outfits For Comfort

Fantastic Funnel Neck Dress Outfits For Comfort

The neck, as we have often said is a great part of the dress and can make or break the look of a dress. We can all agree that there is a lot of appeal in being able to wear necks that show off a bit of the lovely collarbones and the delicate lines of your neck. But on certain days, you want to work on covering up the neck area and look elegant and be more comfortable. This is especially true of cold and chilly days when you want to look elegant but not at the cost of feeling warm. The funnel neck dress is one dress that definitely gets marks on the warm yet elegant aspect. It is almost like the tasteful and tantalizing turtleneck outfits but without emphasizing your double chin as turtlenecks can do sometimes.






The funnel neck dress or outfit depending on what you wear and how you style it should be among the winter street fashion ideas to try before anyone else does. If you are still looking for the definition or a reasonable comparison for the funnel neck outfit, then it would have to be the magnificent and versatile mock neck dress that comes pretty close.






If we need to add more explanations to convince you, let us tell you that funnel necks have been added to the fashion feature to watch out for from the fashion desks of many leading magazines. They have said that the funnel neck is a good trend to watch out for especially among those who like to be on top of fashions because it is comfortable and warm without being too overwhelming. If you are wondering how a funnel neck is different from a polo neck, then the answer is pretty simple – the funnel neck like its namesake, the funnel has a wider top than the bottom.






If you are wondering why this is an important thing to consider and know about, you will realize it as soon as you look at the images we have given here along with this article. But if you don’t, here is where it makes the difference – it will not strangle you as can happen with polo necks, especially if you start feeling warm all of a sudden or worse sweaty or even if you have a bulky day. Another factor to remember is that funnel necks, unlike the conventional turtleneck or polo neck can be worn by women who do not have very long necks. Which means that it does not make your average length neck look stumpy like the turtleneck or the polo neck would do unless you are blessed with a long and slender neck.






Another advantage of your funnel neck is that it covers your neck well enough, but it does not stick too close to the base of your neck. It flops around in an interesting way to make the area look somehow more appealing. It also has the additional appeal of showing of some tantalizing glimpses of your clavicles which can make you look even more appealing. The one thing that you have to ensure while wearing a funnel neck is that the fabric that you pick out has a loose and soft appeal and is not itchy in any way.





The funnel neck is the kind of neck you want to wear when the weather outside is nippy and you feel the need to dress warm but still look good. While it does not have the oodles of fabric like the cowl neck, which can make your neck look fatter than it is, it still looks elegant and appealing.