Different Types Of Gemstones With Pictures

Different Types Of Gemstones With Pictures

Have you ever looked on with envy when you see beautiful women wearing heavy gold jewelry and going about the merits and values of different types of gemstones because you don’t know much about them? Or have you wondered which of the splendid jewelry trends to try in any given year and lacked the know how to do so? The fact is that the kind of gemstones that there are out there can be very confusing and can leave you more confused than learning about top jewelry designers of the world for you to know about can.

While it may not be possible to tell you all about the different types of gemstones there are, we will try to cover some of the more prominent ones:

Different Types Of Gemstones With Pictures


Cat’s eye: This stone literally looks as if it is cat’s eye and gives you the illusion of a moving eyeball when you look at it.


Agate: This one is a quartz that has layers in a concentric way in a lot of textures and hues.

Alexandrite: One of the rarest and probably among the most expensive, the notable quality of this stone is the way it changes color according to changes in light.


Garnet: This is a semiprecious stone noted for its deep red color, which ranges from maroon to purple.


Amazonite: This a feldspar mineral that comes in a green color and gets its name from the Amazon river in Brazil, where this stone can be found in abundance.


Moonstone: This stone reflects the light in a special way to reflect the way the moon shines.


Amber: This is actually the hardened resin from the pine tree that becomes fossilized and has a honey like color that is very attractive.


Amethyst: The most precious gemstone in the quartz family it ranges from the palest lilac to the deepest purple.


Mystic topaz: This is a stone that gets its color from a highly technical enhancement process that is permanent.


Onyx: This the black version of chalcedony.


Aquamarine: This one has a lovely blue color and belongs to the beryl family and color is due to tiny traces of iron.


Bloodstone: This is a green gemstone that has bright red spots on it.


Pearl: A product of the sea specifically from oysters and mussels, these are soft looking jewels that is much sought after.


Peridot: This one is a green stone and belongs to the forsterite-fayalite mineral type.


Carnelian: This one ranges from orange to brownish red and belongs to the chalcedony quartz family.


Rose quartz: A gemstone with a light pink, which makes it very attractive, and the color comes from miniscule amounts of titanium in it.


Ruby: This is the red type of corundum and is known to be second in the scale for the hardest substance. Along with this quality and its rich color, ruby has earned its place as a precious stone.


Sapphire: This one is another precious gemstone, which is blue in color and is known to possess powerful qualities.


Coral: This one is again found in the bottom of the seas from a particular species of coral and this ranges from the lightest pinkish orange to deeper colors going up to red.


Diamond: The hardest substance on earth, this one is a transparent crystal made of carbon and is highly priced based on qualities like color, cut, clarity, and carat.

Emerald Stone

Emerald Stone

Emerald: This one belonging the beryl category, this one is a green colored stone belonging to the precious stone category.


Topaz: The lovely refractive quality and the hardness makes it a very good stone and the colors of this stone range from a golden yellow to a blue color.


Turquoise: This is also known as a relative of the lapis lazuli but a vivid bluish green version that many tribes all over the world price a lot.