Different Nose Shapes Considered Most Attractive: Which Type You have?

Different Nose Shapes Considered Most Attractive: Which Type You have?

Have you ever considered which feature makes or breaks a face in terms of how attractive it is? While we can ponder about this topic for hours on end and come up with all kinds of conclusions, there are many cultures around the world that believe it is that eyes and the nose that can make a person look good or not so good. In this article, we will look at the different kinds of noses that look the most attractive. We feel along with knowing how to choose the right hair style for your face, you should also be cognizant of the type of the nose you have. In fact, noses are so important to faces, that people want to know about nose rings so that they can wear one and make their faces look even better.
On a side note, if you are considering piercing your nose, you should also look at the best aftercare tips for nose piercing.

Different Nose Shapes Considered Most Attractive

Since we have already established that noses are indeed important to the face, let us get down to business and look at the different types of noses:


The Roman nose: Also called the aquiline nose, this one has an obvious bridge that is bent slightly or curve. The curving of the nose also gives a slight impression of being like a hook. This nose is considered attractive and people with such noses are known to show leadership qualities and are known to have motivational qualities.


The snub nose: This is a small and button shaped nose with a slight widening at the end. The widening happens because the nose uplifts a bit at the tip and in some people such noses give them a bit of a snobbish look. It also makes them look adorable and immature.


The Greek nose: The notable feature of this type of nose is the straight look that it has and by the narrow nostrils. This classical nose type is the envy of many. And people with the Greek nose are considered smart and helpful by their nature.


The Celestial nose: This nose looks upturned and this occurs due to the small depression in the center of the nose to turn it upwards at the tip but in a subtle way. In case the dip in the middle is deep, then the nose considered unattractive but a slight dent in the middle is considered very attractive. People with such noses are known to be kind and warm people with an optimistic outlook.


The Hawk nose: After reading the name, you must be aware of what this nose will look like with its sharp lines and the slight bend forward in the center. The hawk nose people are well endowed with willpower and confidence. They are highly individualistic.


The Nubian nose: Some of the prominent people with this kind of nose are Barack Obama and Beyoncé with the nostrils being a tad flatter towards the center and end but a long one all the same. People with this type of nose are supposed to be very creative and open in their mind. They can be very curious and expressive as well as charming.


The Rumpole nose: The tip of this nose is very bulky due to the excess of flesh at the end of it giving it a bulbous look. The people with such noses are known to be very energetic and materialistic and it is also a rare one with only few people having this kind of nose.


The Nixon nose: This is also a rare type of nose that has a bridge that is straight and curved at the end where the edge is a little bit wide. People with this rare nose type are known to be very good in business and are also ambitious with an aura that reflects a lot of power.


The Redknapp nose: Named in the honor of a soccer player, this nose may not get as much attention as other nose types. It is a bit broad and large but not so much that it stays in your mind for a long time. This is a sturdy nose, with people who have this are known to be active and materialistic.


The Tara nose: This has been named after Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who is a television presenter and is a rare type of nose. This nose can be identified by the bumpy edges and the uneven look. People with such a type of nose are pleasant and good humored.


The Fleshy Nose: This nose has a lot of flesh and is rather prominent. People with such a nose are known for their generous, kind and emotional type.


The Duchess nose: A nose with straight edge, this one looks good on people of both genders. It is a fine example of an attractive nose, one that is supposed to be characterized by people who are very spontaneous and creative at the same time.