Learn All About Different Eye Shapes: Which One You Have?

Learn All About Different Eye Shapes: Which One You Have?

The world over a lot of importance is given to the color of the eyes with some cultures giving a lot of importance or even preference to certain eye colors. In fact you will even come across things like the best makeup tips for blue eyes or the colors of eye makeup best suited for certain eye colors. But you must know that not only the color of the eye but also the way it is shaped affects the way you look and the way you should make up your face.

That is why if you find yourself being envious of beautiful women wearing eyeliner, you will realize that they look so good because they have learned about the shape of their eyes and applied liner accordingly. While you are on this subject, you should also learn about important tips of face, lip and eye makeup step by step so that you can do your makeup in the most flattering way once you use this knowledge along with information you will gather on suitable makeup tips for the shape of your eye.

Different Eye Shapes



Deep-set eyes: This type of eye type is one that is on the larger side and is set a bit deeper in the skull. Due to the setting of the eyes, it will look like the person has a prominent brow bone. The best way to make the most of this type of eye shape is to brighten up the shadow by going for warm and bright or neutral colors and using highlighter under the arches. The lashes on the ends may touch your skin, so use mascara that is waterproof.



The monolid: These are flat on the surface and do not form a big crease making the brow bone look less defined. You can create an impression of dimension by using eye shadows, with the darkest one near the lash line and moving onto lighter shades also you move up and finishing off with shine at the brow.



The hooded eyes: The layer of skin seems to droop over the crease making the lid look smaller. You need to draw the focus upward with darker shadow past the crease. You also need to make the lashes look thicker as they have the tendency to disappear.



The protruding eyes: The way the lids project from the eye socket make them look bulgy. You can play a lot with this because there is more space to work with. You can use blend dark colors all over the eyes. Apply liner thickly along the upper lashes to create a flattering look.



The upturned eyes: This is shaped like the almond with a lift at the outside corner of the eye. The lower lid is more prominent and the top lid seems smaller. You can apply dark shadow on the outside of the lower corner to accentuate the uplifted corner.



The downturned eyes: This kind of eye has a downward turn at the outer corner and you can make this work by creating a cat eye makeup. You can apply liner upward and outward to create a symmetrical look.



The close set eyes: If the space between the eyes is less than one eyeball, it comes under close set eyes. You can create an illusion of space by adding lighter shadows on the inner corner of the eye. Go with frosty or nude hues along with a bit of extra mascara.



The wide set eyes: If the space between the eyes is more than one eyeball, it comes under wide set eyes. You can deal with such eyes by adding black liner to the top and bottom lash line with a black liner. Also apply mascara to make the most of your lashes.