15 Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Gown

15 Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Gown

A wedding gown is something a woman never takes lightly even if she absolutely hates the concept of a wedding or matrimony. This is because not only do women grow on a regular diet of details about weddings and wedding gowns, but also due to the publicity and talk around it in popular media. What is more, the wedding gown by itself is such a lovely garment that it is enough to put stars in your eyes. Even women who are made of stern and practical stuff cannot but help glance at gorgeous heavy wedding gown designs with a lot of enthusiasm. However, that is not what we are going to look at in this article. Instead, we will be looking at ways in which you can reuse your wedding gowns.

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Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Gown

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The thing is that a wedding gown can be a huge investment that though having a lot of sentimental value, cannot be used for other purposes as it is. But having said that what use is it to look at dreamy wedding dresses, saving up for years and then buying one, to only wear it once in your lifetime? When you think of how can a bride help her bridal party to save money and enjoy her wedding more, reusing the wedding gown will probably emerge as one of the ways. Do consider the pros and cons before you go ahead and change your wedding gown into something else. In fact, thinking of it as repurposing it would be another way to put it.

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Dye it into other colors to make it into a completely different dress.

Trash the dress with splashes of color to make a fun photo shoot as this is an unusual thing to do.

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Turn it into christening dress or suit for your daughter or son; your kid is the symbol of your love for your spouse and this seems to be a good way to use your wedding gown up.

Donate it to a bride in need so that she can enjoy it – we are sure there are many brides out there who cannot afford to buy a lovely gown, and you have the power to make it happen.

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Make pretty pillow or cushion covers out of it – the lace in the gown and the detail work can make this very appealing.

Throw a wedding party dress where all your girlfriends can wear the wedding gown before the do away with it.

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Turn the skirt into a fun high and low dress – you can leave the back long and the front high and entirely repurpose the gown.

Make a princess dress out of it for your little girl – you daughter will surely love this.

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Make a tulle skirt out of all that lace to wear with different tops.

Cover it up with blood color to make it into a zombie bride costume – if you are one of those who is into dressing up in costumes, then this is a great use for your wedding gown.

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Turn the cloth into a fancy table cloth or napkins – the lovely silk, satin or soft materials will make it ideal for this purpose.

Use parts of it to make a nice purse that you can take with you to parties and get more use out of it.

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Wrap your wedding album with the bow and laces and even add bits of the wedding gown to make your album much more personal and special.

Use the skirt of your wedding gown or even the satin underskirt to make your baby bassinet look even better.

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Add a bit of the lace to a floating pendant to keep it in your memory forever – this way you will not feel bad about repurposing the wedding gown.