Frivolous And Friendly Looking Flapper Dresses

Frivolous And Friendly Looking Flapper Dresses

The concept of a flapper came about in the early years of the nineteenth century when women rebelled against the normal conventions of how women dressed in those days. They did away with the exaggerated cinched waists, the thrust up bosoms, and the huge hip flare to wear dresses that almost looked boyish by the standards of those days. The thing is these dresses got their name from the way the flapped as the young ladies of those days did what was later labelled flapper like things. The flapper dress had an almost straight line that led to some sort of fringe or hanging bits at the hem. There was an unexpectedness to the flapper dress just like what you would find in the magnificent and versatile mock neck dress. The best aspect that made flapper dresses so awesome and in fact continues to do so even today, is that it is as comfortable as it looks.

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It is not that unlike the lovely long sleeved dresses for lots of comfort. The flapper dress is awesome on those women who want to look smart and feel good but without going overboard on the feminine factor. It is almost like those cozy and casual comfort dresses for any occasion except that they have an interesting twist.

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If You Are Considering Flapper Dresses, Here Are Some Important Pointers That You May Find Very Useful As Well As Some Points To Ponder:

Boyish with a feminine punch: As contradictory as the point sounds, the essence of a flapper dress was all about veering away from the utterly girly and feminine fashions dominating that era. The flapper dress falls very well when you have a long and lean torso and you will need to wear inner wear to make you bust area look like that. The fun of these dresses can only be enjoyed when you move away from the hourglass figure.

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They have to flap: The definition of a flapper dress attests to this point that the dress has to have a flappy aspect to it. Which means some sort of fringes, especially something shiny and sparkly would have to be attached to the hemline of the dress. In case you want, you can attach to other parts of the dress as well but by no means should you reduce the flapping effect.

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Banding the hair: One more aspect of dressing up in the flapper dress is also to ensure that your hair and hairstyle also show the same effect. Which means shorter looking hairdos and if possible a hairband in the same material as the dress to keep back the tresses will help enhance the effect of the dress.

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Lower the waist and make the hem uneven: Another simple way to create the flapper effect is by ensuring that the waist of the dress is much lower and you can accentuate this with a sash that has a sassy bow. And what is more making the hem uneven will also enhance the flapper effect you are looking for.

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Add the accessories: Do you think any dress would be complete without the right accessories? If you do, then you do not know much about fashion. Long necklaces, exaggerated head bands, long beaded necklaces, and killer heels are all what complete the flapper dress.

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We are sure that the pictures we have given along with the points above will be enough for you to know how to transform yourself into the image of a flapper girl. Do tell us how well your look turned out and how many compliments you got on it.