Fabulous And Fantastic Fit And Flare Dresses

Fabulous And Fantastic Fit And Flare Dresses

Girls and women around the world to a large extent tend to obsess over their bodies and the flaws they perceive in the way their bodies are shaped. This could be not only due to the norms dictated by the world of fashion but also due to the pressure they are under from people around them and the way this is talked about in the media. We can all agree that every girl and woman out there is beautiful in her own unique way but while this works in theory but may not work in practicality. However, all hope is not lost and we can make each and every woman feel good about her body by using the fit and flare trick. The fit and flare trick is very simple- it means the dress that a woman or girl wears will be fitted over the areas that she feels needs it and flared where she needs the comfort of the flare. To understand this completely, you will need to know about the basics of skirts without skirting the issue.

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In fact, now when you look at other girls wearing fantastic flared dresses in fashion with envy you can stop doing so because now you too can wear this kind of dresses with a bit of smart planning. This trick of making your curves look even more appealing is by using the fit and flare technique on super shirtwaist dresses for smart and superb dressing.

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Here Are Some Fabulous And Fantastic Points To Be Considered While Getting Your Fit And Flare Dresses Going:

Know where to fit and where to flare: Fit and flare is one of the best ways to ensure that you create a simple and definite curve from your waist to your hip but you should know how. This means getting the fit to work well and to know how far to go with the flare part of your dress. Knowing this can sound easy  but it is not and is dependent on the kind of body you have. While some of us have long legs and shorter torsos, others have the reverse and some have it in just the right proportion. By moving the fit part of the waist up or down you can create an illusion of a figure that is different and the same principle applies to the flare bit.

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Sometimes exaggeration works: Some women feel that their figure is not dramatic enough but they want to show it as such. In such cases, the fitting can be a tad tighter and the flare a bit generous to create an hourglass look if need be. It also helps if you are very clear about what suits the body type and personality you have.

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The long and short of it: Fit and flare dresses when worn long can make your hips look more generous than they are and when worn too short pose the danger of being too exposing. So you will need to figure out how long or how short you need the dress to be in order for it to work well for you.

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Keep the fabric in mind: When you are going for a dress that nips it in certain places and flares out at others, you have to ensure that the fabric is right for you. If you are on the bigger side, then it is better for you to stay away from stiffer or thicker fabrics. Likewise if you are too thin, the you are better off going for slightly bulkier fabrics to add a few more curves than you have.