Kind Condole Belt Dresses To Keep You Looking In Shape

Kind Condole Belt Dresses To Keep You Looking In Shape

We all think of belts in general, as something that we wear around the midriff and this is true to a great extent. But just think of the function of the belt, it helps you cinch in the waist, provides a shape to the outfit, helps you hold up the pants or a skirt or to make your outfit fit on your body as it should. So, what do you say to a belt that does not go around the middle portion of your body but does all the things that we mentioned above as the function of a belt? Would you call this a belt or would you call it a strap? In this case, the authorities in fashion have decided to confuse us and call it a belt or a condole belt to be more specific. But let us be clear – a condole belt is something that is on the shoulder part of the dress and can help you adjust the dress as required. You will not understand about this concept if you look for all you wanted to know about rope belts but this will definitely give you an idea about where we are going with this.

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We are sure that if you are anything like the average woman on the street, then you will love looking at sizzling and spectacular spaghetti strap dresses but will feel that they look too flimsy to be worn on your rather fuller body. The answer to such doubts could be the condole belt dresses as these are much kinder to your body and tend to be more robust and thereby help in making you feel more secure. We all know that feeling secure makes you feel confident and confidence can be undeniably sexy to look at. You just have to look at bold women outfits with suspenders to know what we mean by bold and confident easily translating to sexy and appealing.

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Here are some ways in which the condole belt can be kind to you and make you looking like you are in absolutely good shape:

It offers more support: There are some days when parts of our body start to feel and also look as if they are drooping and you need the dress you are wearing to offer support in order to combat this. A condole belt dress does this and does this without being too obvious.

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It is more flexible: Some days are thin days or no fidget days when you want to wear a dress and go about doing a lot of stuff without having to adjust or fidget with the straps of your dress secure in the knowledge that that part is covered. Then the condole belt dress is the one reach out for when it is one of those days.

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It is never out of place: The ways in which you can cinch or loosen the condole belt dress or the ways in which you can manipulate it gives it the quality of seeming like it is part of the ensemble and never out of place. This is an invaluable quality to have in any dress and the condole belt does that.

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It is attractive nevertheless: While practicality, sturdiness and looking as if it belongs is all well and good we women never want to sacrifice or let go of the attractiveness factor. You can be sure with the condole dress that it delivers on a lot of factors without compromising on the attractiveness factor.

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Do look at the pictures we have given for condole belt dresses and let us know what you think about it.