Absolutely Feminine And Delicate Eyelash Lace Dresses

Absolutely Feminine And Delicate Eyelash Lace Dresses

Lace is something that women have coveted over the ages, it being the essence of feminine delicacy not to mention a lot of elaborate workmanship. In fact, in the olden days when lace was painstakingly created by hand, it was something that only the richest could afford to have as many an artiste lost their eyesight working on the delicate lace. But now we can find lace that is quite pretty and more affordable because it is machine made rather made by hand and we should indeed be thankful for this. But in this article, we will be looking at a very delicate aspect of lace – the eyelash lace. We are sure that the very word will bring to your mind the image of something as delicate as the eyelash and you are not wrong at all. It will bring delicate and intricate lace on lilting and elaborate lace evening gowns that will have you salivating at them.

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Not only wedding gowns and evening gowns, you can also find lace playing a role in lovely, ethereal, and simply feminine lace playsuits which create a contrast within the material and the concept. We are talking about a contrast here because playsuits are supposed to be outfits you wear when you want to play or be active but lace is a delicate aspect that adds to the equation to create a lovely contrast. You can also look at ethereal and lovely lace skirts for that light and free feeling.

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By the way, in case you have not already realized this, the eyelash lace has a feature that actually looks as if the lace actually has eyelashes – which means that there are small threads hanging off the bits of lace that look exactly like the eyelash. Since this is the definition of the eyelash lace, you will realize that you have to use this in such a way that the eyelash part of the lace is really visible. For instance it can be a great idea to use the lace at the hem where the eyelash effect will be really visible.

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Or you can use dark colored eyelash lace at the neckline so that the lovely eyelash effect is visible on the delicate and lovely skin at the neck and chest area. In the same way, another interesting place to use the eyelash lace is on the sleeve edges. This too highlights the delicate and lovely aspect of this lace to the maximum extent possible. As you can see from some of the images we have used as examples for the usage of eyelash lace, this can also look good on the back or the shoulder.

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You can also use the eyelash lace to great and very seductive effect on the kind of clothing you would wear on occasions like a special night where you want to look your best for that the special one. We are sure the effect of lace on strategically shown skin can produce a great effect especially when combined with candlelight and some vintage wine.

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We are sure that by now you have gotten many ideas for the uses of eyelash lace. But we would like to caution you that this is a costly indulgence to have and given the delicate nature of this embellishment, you also have to be a bit extra careful in the upkeep of such things. Another caution we have to give you is that the use of such lace can make you want to use it on everything but as we said earlier it is a costly and delicate process one that you should not have on all sorts of outfits.