A Few Things All Curvy Ladies Should Remember While Shopping For Clothing

A Few Things All Curvy Ladies Should Remember While Shopping For Clothing

Some say that fashion is only for those women, who look like models. No more! Celebrate your curves from now on and forever with these super easy tips that will help you accentuate all the right stuff. Get inspired and discover that fashion is for all women, no matter their age, race or body shape! These are tips to knock everyone down with outstanding looks of yours! Enjoy! 


Don’t be afraid to embrace your belly!

Some women, who are curvier than others, have a bigger belly and that is nothing wrong at all. However, they try to hide it with loose clothing that looks ill and just looks plain bad on them! It actually creates an even bigger silhouette and makes a girl look even bigger than she really is. 

So to avoid that, better purchase some proper clothing that shows you belly! Get shapewear and pull some high waist jeans to celebrate who you are and feel great in everything you wear! This way you will shine with your confidence, show that you love yourself and make over people fall in love with you too! Forget about complexes and hiding your belly – it is an era of confident women, and you have to be one of them!


Invest in really good fitted undergarments! 

You can dress whatever you like to – loose or fit – but wrong undergarments can ruin your whole look immediately. And for some reason, curvy ladies have this problem much more often than skinny ones. Way too small undergarments will make you look uncomfortable even if you are not feeling like that. With right size bra and panties, you will hide things you wish and accentuate the right features too. And forget about old grandma looking intimates! It is time for some fashionable garments to celebrate your womanhood! 

Knew it or not, but there are tons of amazing plus-sized clothing lines at various famous brand stores. For instance, take a look at Nordstrom line for plus size beauties and find the best pieces for you! The same goes for Bloomingdales, Target, Lord and Taylor and even Saks Fifth Avenue! I mentioned these particular brands because they offer amazing discount codes for your online purchase, which might be handy to get $5 off $50 at Target.com or a surprising 20% off discount at Nordstrom.com


Don’t always believe in the number of a clothing

This is the only way to find the best fit for you! And don’t look so harsh on numbers on clothing too. It just a number that doesn’t really mean everything. Size 14 is not always size 14! You might get into size 12 perfectly and find the ideal fit too! It actually mostly depends on the manufacturer of the piece, as there are different ways they are numbering their sizes for some reason. So don’t be afraid to go higher or lower with size charts while shopping to get the best fit.

Find an excellent tailor and become best friends with him

While trying a lot of outfits in store, you might get a little bit sad sometimes since that dress you absolutely love just doesn’t fit right! Purchase it anyway and take it to your local tailor to make it perfect on you! 

In the world of fashion, a fit is as essential as air to us. So to make a really fashionable look and to embrace your curves to perfection, always alter and tailor your clothing to your body size and shape! This way you can always buy clothing that you feel connected with, although it fit you poorly. With a nice and professional tailor, you can recreate and entire outfit and make it look perfect on you and you only!