15 Quick Bobby Pin Hairstyles For Busy Days

September 2nd, 2018

15 Quick Bobby Pin Hairstyles For Busy Days

We all have those days, you know what we mean – those days when we want to look our best but time is your biggest enemy and you have to balance this need to look fabulous with the paucity of time. And more often than not, it is our hairstyle that takes a hit on such days with us hastily making do with some style that is okay but not special at all. Has this happened to you? Did you wish for quick hairstyles using something as mundane as bobby pins to make your hair look special? Well, your prayers are answered and here are some quick bobby pin hairstyles for those busy days. Keep these in mind along with attractive thick hair hairstyles to try in this year. You will also need to keep a good supply of bobby pins of several types and designs with you along with a nice comb or brush that runs through your hair easily.

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These hairstyles are so good that they can be considered the stock in trade as easy and quick work hairstyles for medium hair too. And being able to put up your hair in an easy way can also be very handy when it comes to hot summer days where you spend a lot of time on the beach. Using bobby pins can also be useful in coming up with cute and messy beach hairstyles for summer when you have to do things quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

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Here are some concepts based on which you can do quick bobby pin hairstyles for busy days:

Pin it back: When you are having a good hair day where the hair looks as if it has been washed freshly or has actually been washed, you can take advantage of this state of affairs by pinning your hair back using bobby pins. If you are in a playful mood and going for a cute look, then you can sweep the hair on one side and pin it back. For those days when you want to have prim and proper look, you can sweep it back on both sides and pin your hair. On those days when you want to come across as if you mean business, then pinning the hair back can be a good idea. The use of bobby pins is also an easy way to create patterns like a cross or a square on the back or side of your head.

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Easy peasy updos: You want to look sophisticated and cool with an updo but do not have time to go about doing it the lengthy way. It is very possible to simply comb and tuck your hair in to the back of your neck and pinning it with the help of bobby pins. Or even making a knot of the hair on the top of the head or in the middle or elegantly at the back of bottom of the neck and secure this do with bobby pins in a matter of minutes.

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Braid and tuck: Some days are bad hair days and we don’t just have the time to wash, condition and set the hair. On such days, you can create small braids of your hair and tuck them away to make it seem like you have created a complex corona like the ones they used to in the olden days, and yes, all this with the help of your faithful friend – the bobby pin.

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What is more, today you get bobby pins of many types and colors and these can easily be used to create many types of hairdos and that too very quickly.