The Most Common Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

The Most Common Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

The thing is that fashion for men is not quite the passion it is for women since they are late entrants into the fashion scene. Until a few years ago, it was not considered very masculine for a man to be too interested in fashion. But that is not the case anymore with more and more men getting interested in the fashion scene and investing their time and efforts into it. Today, not only do men talk about the way they style their hair, but are also concerned about factors like business travel outfits for men. And we are sure that you will definitely capture their attention when the topic veers to relaxed yet stylish shorts outfits for men because this is the kind of clothing they love to wear.

The thing about men is that most of them do not spend that much time discussing fashion and style as women do and this leaves a big gap in their knowledge leading to a lot of misconceptions. However, when it comes to stylish men’s outfits suitable for work, it has almost become mandatory for men to also learn more so that they can make a good impression in their place of work.

Now that we have your attention, we would like to bust a few myths about men’s fashions so that you can become more comfortable and confident when it comes to picking out your wardrobe:

boot cut 1

Misconception 1: Skinny men should always go for boot cut jeans and pants in order to make their legs look wider. Contrary to this belief, the boot cut that flares a bit at the bottom will make the leg look even skinnier than it is as the rest of leg will fit well.

baggy shirts

Misconception 2: It is better for shirts to be baggy in the chest and shoulder area; contrary to this belief, it is better if the shirt fits well across this area so that the person wearing it looks good. The only thing that you have to ensure is that the fit of the shirt does not hinder your movement.

right clothes

Misconception 3: You look good only when you dress in the best clothes. It is not the clothing per se but the style, the fit and the aptness for the occasion for which you are getting dressed that makes all the difference to the way you look.

premium brands

Misconception 4: Always go for the most premium brands to look smart. Contrary to this belief, you need to find the brand that suits your personality and style in order to look your best at all times.


Misconception 5: Shorts are only for young boys or for those into sports. Actually, as long as you make a wise choice, it is okay for grown men to wear shorts to look smart and be comfortable.


Misconception 6: Avoid the boots at all costs as only workers and goths wear them. The fact is that there are brogues and many stylish boots that you can wear without a second thought.

boat shoes

Misconception 7: Boat shoes are the most fashionable. Though boat shoes are great for summer, they are not the most fashionable of shoes.

square toed shoes

Misconception 8: Square toed shoes are the best. While they did enjoy a fashion cachet a few years back, at present they are considered awkward and too clunky create a bad profile.

color coordinate your shoes

Misconception 9: You always need to color coordinate your shoes and shirt. Though this may seem like a good idea once in a while, it is not absolutely necessary to do at all times.


Misconception 10: Your shoes and belt need to be of the same color. This fashion rule has outlived its usefulness and may still work only for the most formal and dressy of occasions.

black shoes

Misconception 11: Black shoes go with every attire. Again this is wrong because a medium brown brogue is the way to go.

pocket squares

Misconception 12: The pocket square should match the tie. Unless you are anchoring a television show, you need not follow this rule at all.

black suits

Misconception 13: Black suits are the most versatile. Actually it is better to go with charcoal or navy blue suit instead and keep away from the way too somber black suit.

argyle sweaters

Misconception 14: Argyle sweaters are the most fashionable. While this may have been true a while back, it does not apply anymore and wearing one can make you look old school.

cargo shorts

Misconception 15: Cargo shorts are great because they have pockets to hold everything. These look clumsy and awkward and it would smarter to go with sleeker shorts and carry a backpack.