Know The Difference Between Tights, Stockings, And Leggings

September 8th, 2016

Know The Difference Between Tights, Stockings, And Leggings

Fashion vocabulary can be a bit difficult and confusing to negotiate and this is never more clear than when you are looking at tights, stockings and leggings. The wardrobe vocabulary can be a challenge and then when you cannot handle the words, you may start wondering how you will handle the actual part about dressing. However, there is nothing to fear as we will try to explain each one as simply as possible. While you may still wonder what to wear with leggings, there will be no doubt in your mind as to whether leggings can be worn instead of pants. You will also be able to figure out whether tights or leggings go with casual and formal plaid shirt outfits for women and get it right every time.

Difference Between Tights, Stockings, And Leggings

Simple and beautiful examples of formal wears for office women will come together even better with the addition of stockings. Once you realize what goes with what and what is considered underwear and what is considered as a stand alone garment, you will find it easy to step out looking smart and feeling confident at all times.

tights 1

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Tights contrary to what we believe in today’s world started out as men’s wear but they were called hose. Worn as tight as possible without causing damage to body parts, the hose was used by men when they had to ride horses. The fabric would be coarse but allow the men to ride the horse without any entanglement. In the modern era, we often find women wearing tights albeit of material that is thin and with a quality of being able to stretch.

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Stockings are cover for the leg made of thin material that also tends to be transparent and is composed of materials like rayon, silk, and mixed fabric and is used as an undergarment that would cover the leg up to just above the knee or mid-thigh. The stockings would be worn with a garter belt to hold them up in place. But soon the stockings evolved into something called pantyhose which meant that the stocking would keep going up and act as a pair of panties too.

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Leggings are a form of skin tight pants made of stretchable pants worn by woman but their origin too believe it or not can be attributed soldiers. However, the leggings worn by soldiers and workers were made of coarse material like canvas and in some cases leather.


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Among the three, stockings are made of the thinnest materials and can be pretty sheer. Women wearing them can almost appear to be not wearing anything on their legs due to this quality. Tights fall somewhere between leggings and stockings. Of the three, leggings tend to be the most opaque among the three.

Flexibility and appearance:

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Tights come in a variety of designs and colors and can be used for many occasions depending on the type you choose to go with. Stockings tend to be more of a support item with formal wear. Of the three, only leggings can be worn as an outer garment.


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Tights are a great way to keep your legs warm in the cold winter months. More so when you have the longing to wear a short outfit. Since they are translucent, they cannot be worn as a standalone garment. Stockings make the outfit look more professional when combined with a nice formal skirt and also help even the tone of the skin of your legs if that is the effect you desire. Leggings are a good substitute for pants and can be worn with a variety of tops.