10 Breathable Summer Fabrics To Keep You Unheated

10 Breathable Summer Fabrics To Keep You Unheated

Summer brings with it many things like the vacations (for those who are lucky enough to have them), ice cream, the beach (again, you have to be lucky) and the heat. For those who are into fashion, this means a radical change in the way they dress. While many fashion gurus may tell you that summer is the time to dare and bare, it is also essential to choose the right fabric to wear so that your skin stays cool and is allowed to breathe. That is why you need to concentrate on what to wear in terms of the fabrics, besides factors like sexy summer haircuts for men, which are also no less important. This is because the summer heat will make you perspire and if you are not dressed in attire made of the right fabric, then it could lead to body odor and all kinds of infections.

So when you are looking at attractive casual skirt outfits for this summer, take a good look at the fabric it is made from and then make sure it is made of one of the fabrics given below. While you are at it, do check out the tips on how to pack for a stylish summer vacation.

Here are a list of breathable summer fabrics that will let you be cool even when the temperature goes up:

cotton dress

Cotton: Cotton is the king when it comes to summer. It is soft and lightweight and tends to absorb perspiration and let your skin breathe. The thing is cotton knits are made in such a way that they have loops and this ensures that your skin can breathe and air can circulate. What is more it is attractive, affordable and easy to maintain.

linen dress

Linen: Another natural fabric made from the flax plant fiber is known to look cool and feel comfortable. The way the fabric is woven, it almost emulates an air conditioner by letting the air around you circulate in and out. The only shortcoming we can think of is that linen can wrinkle pretty easily but spraying water on them and smoothing them with your hand can make this problem go away.

khadi dress

Khadi: A fabric that is native to India, it is hand-woven and is known to be a coarse and very robust fabric that keeps you cool in the hot and humid weather of summer. Khadi has now become very fashionable since its avatar has had a facelift with many designs and colors added to its repertoire.

rayon dress

Rayon: A fabric that is made of cellulose, wood pulp, cotton and other components, it has a glossy look quite similar to silk. What makes it suitable for summers is that it lets the humidity evaporate at a very quick rate and it tends to remain dry. What more do you want from a summer fabric?

chambray dress

Chambray: This one is a cool textile that seems to look like denim, but it makes summers more comfortable for you. This is because it is light in weight, lasts long and a fabric that lets your skin breathe, which is very important during the summer months.

silk dress

Silk: Yes, silk but only the original one that is suitable for both cold and hot weather. As silk is natural, it can absorb sweat making it a good thing to wear during the summer months. What is more the soft and sensual feeling can make you happy to wear it in the summer season.

madras dress

Madras: The name is obviously from the place, which is known for being hot and humid throughout the year. So you can imagine a fabric by that name will be suitable for hot weather. This hand woven yarn from the skin of the tip of ancient trees comes in colorful plaids and nice texture in order to make you feel good in the hot months of summer.

seersucker dress

Seersucker: This one is good for the summer but also has an additional benefit of looking good and not needing to be ironed. This is a light and puckered fabric that has been named from a Persian words meaning milk (seer) and sugar (shaker). When you touch the fabric to feel its granular feel, you will realize why it has been named this way.

fresco dress

Fresco: The high twist of this cloth will give your skin space to breath and can make you feel fresh and light when you wear during the summer months. The airiness of the fabric makes it feel happy to wear it.

lawn dress

Lawn: This soft and baby light cloth will have your body and skin thanking you for wearing it. The cool and comfortable cloth that is made in linen and cotton will having you feeling good in the heat of summer.