The Absolute Mustache Guide Made Easy Just For You

The Absolute Mustache Guide Made Easy Just For You

If you are a young man on the verge of manhood, there could be many thoughts preying on your mind but one of the most common is the subject of facial hair, especially the mustache. This is because for a very long time, facial hair has been equated with virility and masculinity and this has indeed put on a lot of pressure on men to sport a good one or at least look as if they have too much stubble to manage. However, stepping into the world of mustaches without knowing what are the different options available to you and recognizing the styles that will work on you can be counter productive. Want to know about different types of mustaches? Read to know more.

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We are aware that there are many guides out there that tell you all about perfect beard and hairstyle looks for men out there that will help you but a mustache may need a bit more focus. And once you are done with reading all about mustaches, you can move on to different beard styles and how to grow them correctly.

Here Are The Different Mustache Styles Out There Which Are Just Waiting To Attach Themselves To Your Face To Make You Look More Handsome Than Ever:

Absolute Mustache Guide

The traditional mustache: This one is a pretty simple option that simply starts just above the start of the lip and ends where it ends. It is one of the simplest options if you are just getting started on growing a mustache.

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The handlebar mustache: Just like the name suggests, the mustache looks exactly like a handlebar. It covers the area above your lips and is trimmed to grow straight to about an inch down on each side of the lips and viola – you have the handlebar right there.

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The horseshoe mustache: This one is also a bit like the handlebar except that it curves on the sides of your lips instead of being trimmed to form an angle and is slightly longer and could almost end at the lower end of your chin.

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The Sherlock mustache: This mustache is the stuff macho dreams are made of as it actually curls upwards at the ends. You will need to work on making sure that it stays this way to maintain the look.

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The Dali mustache: This can be quite dramatic as it grows longer and seems to defy gravity by staying like a long line on each side of the face extending beyond the line of your cheeks. It goes without saying that keeping the mustache looking like that will need you to have a few tricks up your sleeves.

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The Chaplin mustache: This mustache is short and sweet and is restricted to the small indentation in the area just above your lips and just below your nose. Often men grow a tiny patch of beard just below the lips to make it look even better.

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The pencil mustache: This mustache is almost like the traditional mustache except that it is thinner almost as if it has been drawn using a pencil. This is somewhat of an old fashioned style but can look really dashing if you can pull it off.

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The Fu Manchu mustache: This mustache has the hair growing down from the traditional mustache to hang down both sides of the chin. This look evokes a faintly Oriental and exotic look.

Wojo Wrzesniewski from Toronto, Canada, poses after winning first place in the Fu Manchu Moustache category at the third annual National Beard and Moustache Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 11, 2012. AFP PHOTO / Frederic J. BROWNFREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images ORG XMIT:

The walrus mustache: If you have actually seen a walrus or a picture of one, you will know exactly the kind of look we are talking about. it is a thick and rather bushy mustache that is kept slightly longer than the lip length.

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While we leave the choice of a mustache entirely up to you, the one thing that you have to commit to is ensuring that you groom your mustache regularly. While you may think a mustache adds to the value of your face and it does, there is nothing more off-putting than a mustache that is not properly groomed and cleaned. You will have to ensure that you trim the mustache and clean it regularly. You also have to ensure that you take due care while consuming any food or beverages to make sure that you look smart at all times.