Simple And Stylish Solid Color Dresses

Simple And Stylish Solid Color Dresses

There is something to be said for wearing a dress that comes in one solid color no matter what shade or hue that you pick up. This is because picking out one solid color will ensure that your body looks a bit more streamlined than it is and if you think that this is the only advantage, then you are absolutely mistaken. To understand what we mean you have to follow these important tips to select the right color this summer. The lure of solid colored dresses once you are into it can be so strong that you will soon be delving into things like the shades of violet deciphered for you so that you can pick out the most flattering one for you.

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By getting into the world of solid colors, you will soon realize the huge role that colors play in fashion and will learn to manipulate this to your advantage.

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Why solid colors? Because it can become boring to always wear black in order to create a slimmer silhouette and we know that fashion is all about experimentation and never stagnating. The fact is most of us are a bit afraid of experimenting but at the same time we don’t like to stagnate either.

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We Give You Some Pretty Good Reasons Here To Let You See That Wearing Solid Colors Is Indeed A Good Idea:

It is very dramatic: It is a fact that most girls and women love drama in their soap operas as well as their dressing. And one of the simplest way to make a dramatic appearance with your dressing is going for that dress in a solid color as it does stand out. More so if you are careful in your selection of the right color for your solid colored dress.

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It provides a frame for accessories: We sometimes want the accessories we wear and the makeup we have on to take center stage and this can happen when you go with a solid colored dress. Other dresses would probably not be able to provide quite the frame that a solid dress does for you. for instance, we can imagine that a flowered dress or a polka dotted dress may not quite be the right frame for that dramatic crystal that you always wanted to wear.

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It is slimming: Yes, we have said it before that a solid colored dress can come in very handy to make your silhouette better but this statement warrants repeating. Having talked about the slimming benefits of a solid colored dress, we should also tell you that you will need to be careful of the cut and pattern of the dress in order to enjoy the slimming benefits of it.

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It is very appropriate: Another aspect of the solid colored dress is that it is very flexible in the sense that you can wear it to most occasions depending on the cut and pattern. For instance, you might as well wear it to work and would not look out of place wearing one to meet your in-laws. And if the color, cut and cloth is the right type, then you might as well wear it to a party too.

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We can go on and on about the benefits of the solid colored dress but we will let the images that accompany this article speak for themselves. As you can see the images do stand evidence for all the points we have made above and bring forth a few more advantages. Do tell us what you think and let us know if you have any arguments against our point of view or if you have any more points to add.