Lob, The Cut That Is Long And Still A Bobbed Haircut

February 13th, 2017

Lob, The Cut That Is Long And Still A Bobbed Haircut

We are sure that while women pray for a lot of things for themselves, their lives, their near and dear ones and for the world in general, they also secretly pray for the perfect hairstyle. We can assume that as you read this portion, you may be grinning and nodding your head with a rueful expression on your face. You may have looked at attractive hairstyles for older women and wondered if it is time for you to adopt one of them or wondered whether sticking to the current one would be a good idea. When you look at the smart casual wear for the younger women, you may then wonder if the hairstyles that they sport would work on you or not.

lob haircut 1

lob haircut 2

lob haircut 3

lob haircut 4

The constant confusion of whether you should wear your hair long or cut it short in a bob would be something that may haunt you when you decide it is time to change your style. But don’t worry, today we are going to talk about a style that is between a long haired hairstyle and a bob – aptly named the lob. This hairstyle coasts both the extreme ends of the spectrum to come up with an interesting cut that manages to frame your hair well. This hairstyle is so good that you may feel that it shows of the images of beautiful women wearing eyeliner even better due to the lovely way it frames their face.

lob haircut 5

lob haircut 6

lob haircut 7

lob haircut 8

As human beings, specifically women who are interested in fashion and hair styling trends, we want it all. We want the romance that comes from having longer hair but also want the smartness that comes from shorter bobs. Once upon a time, we never thought that this sort of coasting along two diverse requirements would really come about. But now that it has, let us look at all the possibilities.

lob haircut 9

lob haircut 10

lob haircut 11