How To Take A Pouty Face Selfie Like A Model

How To Take A Pouty Face Selfie Like A Model

When you look at photos of models online, you realize that they seem to have the pout down pat. It goes without saying that models are known for their lovely bone structure and the shape of their face. They seem to not only be able to get themselves clicked in fabulous pictures, but also seem to have their selfies down pat. While we cannot say that it is possible to get the same quality pictures (after all they have professional makeup, lighting, angles and equipment), we can take you through the process of a making a pouty face. It may take some practice but soon you will be taking pouty face selfie like a model.  For this to happen you don’t really need outfits for women to look like a model but if that helps you get into the mode, then by all means do so.

How To Take A Pouty Face Selfie Like A Model

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Sometimes dressing like a model and following advanced 2016 street outfits for girls to copy so that you have the attitude and feel down pat though it is not absolutely necessary. The pouty look can be part of the arsenal that contains fashionable looks for any woman.

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Here Are Some Steps That You Need To Go Through To Be Able To Make A Pouty Face In Like A Model To Then Click A Selfie:

First thing is the cheekbones: Well, we are sure that you know that models are endowed with prominent cheekbones and this is part of their magic when it comes to making their pouty face look good. We are also aware that most of us may not have quite the same type of cheekbones but there are a few tricks that you could try. One of them is to draw a line just below your cheekbones with a slightly darker foundation going upwards. This simple trick will create the illusion of sharper cheekbones than you have.

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Then you suck the cheeks in: Once you are done with the clever bit of cheek makeup, it is time to accentuate the pout a bit more. To do that you have to suck in your cheeks but do ensure that you do it a sexy manner and not in a weird way. Keep practicing in front of the mirror to get it right.

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You have to work on the lips: Ensure that your lips have that plump glistening look, which means regular removal of dead skin and application of lip balm. For the photo, ensure that you apply lip gloss that is slightly tinted instead of a lipstick.  This way you have a hint of color without it being too overwhelming. You can try lipstick once you have the pout down.

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Lastly the pose: You ensure that your hair has that lovely just got up from the bed kind of setting but not too untidy or too done up. Ensure that you hold the camera up, let your head fall back, suck in your cheeks, and pout just the right amount. To do the pout, all you need to do is pucker up your lips for a simple kiss.

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Kim Kardashian's duckface selfie

It may take some practice and different poses and angles before you get it right. We have to tell you here that a good photograph is about confidence and about liking your looks. The more you are comfortable about the way you look, the more comfortable you will be about experimenting with your pout faced selfie.

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We would love to see how your model like pouty selfie turned out. Do share and we will tell you how awesome you look.